The sound has confirmed that Juan Gabriel lives by a Mexican journalist

In the deduction of the reported return Juan Gabriel, the journalist claimed she had at her disposal unpublished song "Divo de Juárez" confirming that she is alive and falsely dying,

An entertaining journalist Martha Figueroa He appeared in the "With Permission" program, which showed a Mexican singer's "Fake Death" investigation in August 2016.

"I just got a message about WhatsApp from Joaquin Muñoz (former manager Juan Gabriel) and he says," Look at Martha, Alberto sends you (the real name of the singer). It's a recently released issue recently released. It sends you to you,"said a Mexican journalist.

"And I say," Can I hand it over, with you permission? "and he says," Yes, that's what I'm sending you, it's for Alberto for you ", Counting Figueroa.

The predicted unpublished subject was listed in the program, but is in fact the answer a famous song titled "Diles," and that Juan Gabriel himself performed at the Viña Festival in 1998,

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