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The Spanish Union mark has farewell to the club

Wednesday 28 November 2018


Tobias Figueroa spoke about social networks and announced the departure from Santa Laura.

The Spanish Union mark has farewell to the club

This Thursday at 20:30. The Spanish Union will receive At Caleta Union at the Santa Laura Stadium for the last date 2018 Scotiabank Championship,

Hispanics hope to consolidate their classification on South American CupIf this goal is achieved, Tobias Figueroa, the season shooter and the third in the championship will not be in the Continental competition. The goal is Gabriel Torres and five of Esteban Paredes.

The Argentine forward sent an emotional message to Instagram, where he said goodbye to the Plaza Chacabuco.

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Well what do you say, the end of a great year of good times and some not so good, but soccer is such and everything is part of this beautiful sport I play last time in Santa Laure and mainly in the Spanish club, They opened my door to continue, that I have a long way to go, have taken friends, have taken pleasure, sadness, but I am really good people. I will always be grateful to the people of Hispanics who never ceased to encourage the team and in the bad moments when they showed their faces and we said that we are not alone, I hope that I have fulfilled all the expectations they have placed in me and if they have felt for some time that I failed, I can not ask for forgiveness, thanks for being from the first game to the last, but beware, tomorrow is a beautiful final and we played the South American qualifying hope that they can participate and give the team the last breath, Let me know that I leave a great club with a big fan, a huge clarification of all and hope to see you soon! UEnik

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