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The Truth About The Expected and Outrageous Video of Jason Momo Affects "Illegally" Your Daughter Videos

Last week, he was broadcasting a video that accused the actor Aquaman practically pedophile when inappropriately touching his daughter,

The actor took part in the star premiere of his film in Hawaii with his two sons and is seen in the clip as a typical dance of the area, which he was considerably excited about when embracing his offspring.

One of these gestures has been edited and misinterpreted by thousands of social networking users after a Twitter user of Brazilian origin has sent a video in which Momoa seems to be inappropriately touching his daughter.

"Hello, Jason Momoa, or should I call you human garbage? I do not care if the daughter is her daughter or not, but look at how uncomfortable it is, look at his hand. Is that what you support?", Written by a user on his Twitter account, which unleashed the outrage of many netizens.

However, with the passing of days it was discovered that the clip was nothing but a fitting. As seen in the original material, Jason embraced his children and had his hands up to his tribe, but at no point did he make an inconspicuous touch, nor did the girl get angry because they look in full order who kept each other watching the dance.

Such was the confusion of the clip that was the protagonist Aquaman He became angry and announced legal action against those who modified to take. It should also be noted that the interpreter has asked for the deletion of this record and its copies.

Check the original and full video below.

It should be noted that in December, The Independent Critics and US-based TC Candler chose Momo as the man with the "most beautiful face in the world," a "contest" in which the actor took second place in the year of his predecessor.

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