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On November 23, Red Friday was the day when a large number of stores downgraded their products, meaning a customer avalanche. It's a day Many of us are waiting all year long and in which we have to use low prices.

It seems that this rebate time – including Cyber ​​Monday – has done very well with Amazon, and so he wanted to prove it With the information you've learned about your sales and results, do you want to know what was most sold in the Amazon on this black Friday?

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: Record Days for Amazon

According to Amazon data, Cyber ​​Monday has become the day with the largest number of orders in the company's history around the world, and no wonder we should consider the full offer of the platform and the wide range of products that have been discounted. There is plenty of you seeing, for example, the fact that Both orders made more than 18 million toys and more than 13 million fashion items for both days. Small and medium-sized enterprises also managed to improve the results of previous years and their sales grew by just over 20% compared to the black Friday in 2017.

Some of the best-selling Amazon items in our country on this black Friday were the new Echo Dot, Fire TV Basic Edition, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet and Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB.

These great results were also due to the fact that, according to Mariangel Marsegli, leader of the Amazon country in Italy and Spain, during this black Friday we had access to more offers than ever before, and in fact, thanks to the black Friday – as well as the efforts of the laborers and the purchases that we made – the day when more products were sold in Amazon in Spain this year.

Another curious fact is that technology is one of the products that the company sells today, but you can find other things on the list, such as dishwashers, baby napkins, packing 12 cans of beer, toilet paper or mops. Some of them through PrimeNow mode, which allows us to ship on the same day.

When we leave this type of product, we can see how Xiaomi Mi Band 3 it was one of the flagship products, as well as Fifa 19 and Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 or 64GB microSD from Sandisk.

Amazon products themselves also have their place because Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Fire, Kindle or Amazon Fire TV Stick have great sales results and it's no less Amazon's products have fame – they deserve – they have an affordable price for what it offers us.

In fact, the best-selling product in the world among all manufacturers and categories was the Amazon Echo Dot itself, a Google Home Mini, but with Amazon's virtual assistant Alex, allowing us to remotely manage the lighting of our home or even make orders in Amazon itself.

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