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They published 617 million passwords from 16 websites


( We continue to use the worst possible passwords. Even so, while we use a secure password, we are exposed to this type of hacking and massive key spills. The last leak is a total of 617 million passwords, which come from 16 websites that have been disturbed for the last year and by the end of 2016. Again, as with Collection # 1 and Collection # 2 – # 5, all of these passwords already was put up for sale on a deep web.

This is stated in the report. According to the portal, it does not represent a new attack on any online service; This is only a compilation of 617 million passwords and email addresses or associated usernames of various services that have already been attacked. In fact, the attacks took place from the end of 2016 until 2018 inclusive. We talk about services like Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal, 8fit, 500px or DataCamp. A complete list of affected services also reveals how many passwords correspond to each service, and as always, it's easy to see if it affects us with tools specifically designed for them.

This time, users can be a little "silent" because everyone does not have access to these passwords. Especially because they are sold in a deep web; and second, because the database is valued at $ 20,000. However, it is necessary to review the verification tools we have previously provided and, if necessary, to change the password for the affected services immediately.

Those who have sold this huge database of stolen passwords warn that they have an even larger database, but not all keys will be put on sale. It is recommended to avoid problems with this type of hackers and massive leaks, that passwords are changed regularly, are not shared between services, and the authentication system is used in two steps whenever possible. In this way, we will at least be a little protected against these types of threats that can affect each user.

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