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They reveal the anticipated and "futile discussion" of Karen Paola and Nacho Gutiérrez that would cause Glamorama to leave

Author: C. Z. / 28 November 2018

Intruders started a coup on Wednesday. The network program showed that Karen Paola resigned on Good Morning. And not only that. The program stated that this was due to a "huge discussion" with the morning entertainer during the instructions.

"It was not under any circumstances, but after a huge discussion with one of the animators of the program," said Ale Valle.

Information about the discussion was described in detail by Michael Roldan. The attacker said the fight was at Nacho Gutiérrez, one of the Great Day drivers. And he was born after Chiqui Aguayo expressed concern during the instructions:

Michael Roldan: "It was a discussion at a meeting just yesterday, on a very good morning." He retired, a story that took place yesterday, but only a part of the team is now learning to become effective … The reality is that he does not go any further .

"There are several factors that Karen Bejarano has disillusioned, in her words, in a very good morning, but yesterday it was a tense and strange encounter"

"I understand that yesterday there was a normal form, like all the teams in which Chiqui Aguayo expresses something very common in the instructions, saying she has no room to comment or make part of her, saying that" morning Chiqui " , "leave me out", "bring me to humor and leave no room for humor."

"For example, one of the bosses says it's okay, Chiqui, we're going to the contingent, we have to touch a bunch of messages, sometimes we can not reach our space, you're much appreciated and you can think of other questions." Before Chiqui would answer "I'm interested in humor, I do not want to be another Consuelo Saavedra, that's what they say in quotations." I want to make a humor. I came to have fun. "

"They tell me that at this passage, Nacho Gutiérrez, in the morning, entertain Chiqui Aguay in all his clothes, and he says," I also agree that it is also necessary to have a sense of humor among such topical issues. Chiqui scored very well with Chiqui. His morning was very good. She has a special tone and she is a woman who. Besides, Chiqui, if you think you have the basics.

"And in the past, they told me that Karen Bežarano, who was in the guidelines, would say" I knew what? I would also like to make use of this, and I would like to say that in fact, on many occasions, they also let me speak. "I understand that I would say to Ignatius Gutiérrez directly." Nacho, you suddenly talk and you left me half, I cut my hand, you will not let me say, you will not let me finish my thoughts, I can not talk all the time. "

"And according to that informant, Nacho says," I know what, Karen? On a good wave, you were like three changes below, "like energy, encouragement." In addition, it is very important not to talk about speaking, but to speak when there is a basis and a specific view to be given. "Karen's case comes from an earlier time. this is the exact episode.

"And they're telling me that Karen Bejarano would answer" yes, but I'm having problems too. "And Nacho would say" perfect, but if you do not tell your problems, I do not have to know what a problem you have. Chiqui Aguayo told us he had a problem, and yes, when we stopped in the morning. I'm an open door. Tell me what you want, "Nacho said." La Chiqui had a huge problem. He lost the bus. If you do not tell me, I can not understand and if I am surprised that you are three changes and suddenly you speak and speak.

"There was a discussion they had told me from the team until the morning, it was an upset discussion about the moment of the program as they lived on other occasions, but they tell me that Karen Bejarano took it very badly, and as a result, she would resign. "

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