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This is another new feature watchOS 5.1.2

Apple has updated watchOS to version 5.1.2 recently and a lot we set our main novelty, which is currently limited to the United States: the ability to make electrocardiograms in the Apple Watch Series 4. But there are more details in this update that are worth mentioning because of course They will build with our interest.

More abbreviations, more notifications, and more

Apple watch series 4

First of all, we have new complications to place in balls. They are shortcuts for Mail, News, Home, Maps, News, Friends Search, Phone, and Remote. These are apps that have numbers to be used frequently in Apple Watch for consultation or quick action, and these shortcuts will save us from having to press a digital crown to access the main application screen.

We also have the opportunity to receive warning about unusually slow or fast heart rhythms, and unlike electrocardiograms, the feature is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3 in addition to the 4th Series 0 is omitted because it was not possible to run watchOS 5.

Finally, we have a new button in the watch center Activate or deactivate accessibility to use Walkie-TalkieSo you do not have to go into the section itself and say if we want our Aple Watch contacts to be directly with our wrists.

As always, we always recommend that you always have the latest watchOS on your Apple Watch. Be sure to back up your device before updating.

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