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This is the best retro video game download on your Android phone

Without the emulator.

This is the situation: you have an Android cell phone, you do not want to use an emulator and want retro video games. Perfect, we'll help you.

It happens that not everyone has the consciousness or confidence to download ROM and stuff, so games must be official, work and it is.

Let's go with the list of our favorites, which you can of course add in the comments.

  • Pacman: This is a link to the original version made by Bandai Namco, so you can be sure it's not a yellow sphere like a pirate coconut. This is real (or as close as possible).
  • 1942: This version of the shotgun is distributed by Capcom and is a miracle. Ensures that your trips are more enjoyable in public transport.
  • Golden Ax: Sega Classic, though it's a bit uncomfortable to play on a mobile phone, is great.
  • Sonic: According to the Sega line, with an original, nothing unusual or mobile version with current graphics. Yes, the rest does not.


  • Mega Man: We do not believe you get very far into this game with touch controls, but you'll surely smile at how awesome it was.
  • Hugo: You've never been chosen to play on TV over the phone? It's time to avenge.
  • Space Invaders: It will be paid, but it's true and you can get green hair


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