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This is Typhon Hunter, a free multiplayer Prey: Mooncrash

Despite the fact that Bethesda is a declared defender of one-person experiences, he adapts his key licenses to more players. Last month, it was Fallout, and next week he will do the same with Prey. Or rather with its expansion Mooncrash.

Arcane Studios defines a free update Typhon Hunter as deadly skin and search for a game between the only survivors (Morgan Yu) and five other players. Basically, it's an asymmetric shooter in which mimics can fit any shape.

It does not look bad on paper. And with control (or mouse) in hand? The trailer created for this occasion shows us how hard it will be to detect monsters and the game that can be played in the time of laughter,

Along with this multiplayer mode, it is updated Booty: Mooncrash total TranStar VR, a RV campaign for players that serves as prequel to Prey, while allowing us access to missions and puzzles, assuming the role of several TranStar employees.

Typhon Hunter will come on December 11th and will be available for free to all players in Booty: Mooncrash on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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