Tipokra »ISP results clear predicted HIV infection in Rancagua hospital

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The mother of a child younger than 11 years said her daughter was infected with reactive HIV, a result of a surgical procedure performed with non-sterile material at the Rancagua Regional Hospital. The health center went on a criticism step and announced that a summary and ancestors of the Fiscalía case were made.

"On October 27, 15 children with almonds were operated and the pavilion reported a break in the surgical process, which is related to the probable change of the sterilization part," explains Rancagua Regional Director of Cecilia Piotrowski. ,

Once a discrepancy has been detected, the practitioner ensures that she has been "informed by the Director and, together with the Health Service, has identified immediate steps" regarding the opening of the administrative summary and the disclosure of the records by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

At the same time, according to Piotrowsky, "a preventive surgery was carried out for all the patients who were operated on this occasion."

Regarding the diagnosis of reactive HIV, the expert emphasized that "very low reactivity and confirmation is ongoing" and clarifies that "no infection has yet been confirmed".

The professional explains that "there is a thin gray strip that is issued many times, many patients and must go to the ISP to confirm." Therefore, he insists that no patient is infected for the time being.

In the same direction, he stressed that "everything that HIV means, we confirm this girl, everything is negative, all the tests are negative, but in three months we will do much more convincing."

In this sense, he insisted that "we can not speak of any kind of infection until it is confirmed".

That is why the result of a new sample is expected over the next ten days, this time sent to the Institute of Public Health (ISP).

"The management of the hospital, together with the medical service, was the one who condemned this fact in a transparent act, not to condemn the deputies, the patients, but it was Health," says Cecilia Pietrowski, who added that "there was a face, it explained to every parent children, and everyone is being watched, and we will do all we can to leave parents and children. "

Finally, Piotroski said that "we will conduct all investigations of the entire pavilion" and adds that "it focuses on everything that is relevant to this process, ie officials, doctors, all processes that deal with sterilization. "

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