Tomás Hirsch called for "avoiding excessive drama"

After the information came out Gabriel Boric and Maite Orsini visited former Ricardo Palma Salamancy frontman in Paris, accused of the murder of Jaime Guzmán, various critics have emerged, especially from Oficialismo.

In this respect Representative of the humanist party Tomás HirschHe recalled CNN Chile "It's a situation that has sparked a lot of debates and discussions, but I personally think that each representative can meet anyone he wants while the law does not go beyond that."

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He mentioned that perhaps it would be good if the Wider Front knew about the problem, but "ultimately, the decisions they made were not planned as part of a previous trip."

Gabriel Boric

Gabriel Boric

"We must avoid excessive dramaturgy and, of course, the right to try to get a political advantage that is not well understood why it should have (…) the curious right that happened during the visits of Punto Peuco, General Pinochet in London, and that today screaming for the sky, "says Hirsch.

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In summary he said it it is important that Boric, Orsini and Frente Amplio agree to refuse Senator murder"That no one affirms or accepts," he said.

Ricardo Palma Salamanca

Ricardo Palma Salamanca

"Meeting someone does not mean that they are verified, but they can be more, understand and have more context," PH said.

"I deeply believe that do not verify the murder of Senator Guzmán in democracy and I see no problem in meeting someone and knowing what the situation is, "he said.

Watch the interview in the enclosed video.

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