Twitter has again removed suspicious accounts that have been blocked

Over the last few months, Twitter has promoted a campaign that would remove as many fake accounts as possible or experience some kind of irregular activity on the platform. What has been translated into a decrease in the number of followers for some users.

Now, however, the platform found that the bug was reversing its work and re-activating the accounts that the company blocked.

As Reuters said, Twitter said last Friday "He discovered an error where some of these accounts were working again, which led to a fraudulent number of followers."However, the company suggests that this has affected it "Very few accounts".

Apparently one of those "little bills" was influenced by businessman Elon Musk, who said a few days ago that his number of followers had dropped significantly.

"I think Twitter removes bogus accounts, scams or even inactive accounts," Musk wrote. "My followers have fallen by 20,000 in recent days."

Although the accounts that were reactivated have already disappeared from the number of adherents, from a company specialized in the investigation of advertising fraud, Puncher, we estimate that at the time this bug was being handled by some popular users won a third of the followers who had previously lost.

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