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Unusual "bribery menu" from Venezuela includes visas coming to Chile: Chilean authorities refuse their validity


It's like a meal menu, but instead of pricing, it's a price tag for illegal matters. These are bribes that have exposed the international environment Bloomberg and that, according to the publication, it was popularized in Venezuela through WhatsApp.

There it offers clean penalty records for $ 7,000, apostille papers for the same 100 currencies, and even passports for $ 750.

It's not all: for a Chilean visa application and $ 400 for the same currency you also charge $ 40 for speeding up this document.

The article suggests that due to the great humanitarian crisis in the country Nicolás Maduro, state officials stomach to even fix fixed prices for procedures, all charged in foreign currency.

Descaro from the clerks

But are those who are doing the "wrong" process so unbounded? Maylin Naveda, Venezuelan manager of Chile, confirms that yes, because social networks are a fertile base for fraud.

"There are rumors that there is a price menu that there are managers doing all of these," says Naveda and Publimetro.

He further adds that there has been no injured person in Facebook as a Facebook administrator who wants to offer this illegality. Yet, when they learned of unclear affairs, they immediately made the records available to the police.

That's because it's in Chile. In Venezuela, the reality is diametrically different: police are not a reflection of integrity.

"There are barriers to obtaining documents and even for public officials, so there are people who need and need this kind of management." Apostilles, for example, about two to three cases that appeared in Chile with apostille documents, and then the authorities say that they are untrue even if you have done it perfectly, "says Neveda, and he therefore calls them to stay away from these fraudsters.

Disqualify violations of Chilean visas

But it's not the only one. Mr. Raúl Sanhueza Carvajal, General Director of Consular and Immigration Affairs, as well.

"It is impossible for a manager in Venezuela to intervene in the visa process," says Publimetro. This is because requests for documents, such as democratic accountability, "are just online, are not face to face".

"The system directly derives the demand from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Santiago, where they are being investigated electronically, and a daily list of people attending the consulates of Caracas and Puerto Ordaz is being prepared in Santiago," said Caracas and the Consul in Puerto Ordaz. authority.

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