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VIDEO | The 3 libretto is that he is troubled by Don Francisco in Telethon

Given that Telethon's "27 Hours of Love" is not only in the moments of dubious quality of television and ethics, nor even from the shows of businessmen who want to appear on an open screen that controls charity, there is room for moments to escape scenarios.

We recall the Chilean musician who gave them the microphone and ironed himself with the whole system that is armed around Telethon, triggering direct arrows to animators, companies, and the public, although criticism has gone through the laundry for many. We praise you Jorge González.

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Deputy Technical Director of a national team who ignored the request of Don Francisca to encourage people to donate money and buy products associated with this cause, and instead to make people come forward and gathers the experience of the people he met during his stay in Chile, We remind you, Marcelo Biels.

Or the singer who, after performing live Mario Kreutzberger and praises the work of the Telethon Foundation, takes the hand of an emblematic animator and treat as an Italian gangster, which generate the laughter of everyone. If the intention of the dual intention was or would not be, it would never be clarified, but it remained there for the offspring. We laugh at you with "Chilean" Mike Patton.

Jorge González

"That all the greed, the sense of good business that companies have to raise prices, pay less taxes, promote themselves and what people consume will help quote you can really help children," he said. leaders of prisoners before playing "want money". Telethon 2002.

Marcelo Bielsa

"It's always comfortable, but in this case more than ever, to say exactly what she thinks or feels I came from the Constitution All I've seen is devastating but I've come full of hope because with people, with whom I have spoken, has latent, immense, and disturbing pain, but they are already reminiscent and truly rebuilding, "Marcelo Bielsa replied to Don Francis, giving people a donation. Telethon 2010.

Mike Patton

"Thank you, Don Corleone," thanked singer Faith No More when he took Kreutzberger's hand and made a ringing kissing gesture and remembered one of the classic paintings of the Italian mafia. Telethon 2010.

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