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Virgo – Saturday, December 8, 2018: Meeting with high sentimental content

Astrological News: The moon is in Capricorn. The only retrograde planet is Uranus in Aries. Your ruler, the planet Mercury, is right in Scorpio.

Weapons of courage and courage to face your opponent and fight for your own, especially when you realize that everything that has happened is not really what it seems. Do not lose love, fight and take care of your relationship. If errors or moments of weakness have occurred in the past, you still have time to fix them.

It is time to take responsibility for a serious matter, especially when it is on the way to a child or pregnancy. Life gives you tests and grows up in them if you accept it and teach it with some humble and healthy attitude.

During the last novilunia of the year everything is revolutionized!


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Love surrounds you with the tone of surprise and happily you manage to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from fully enjoying the joy. You will notice how well your direct Mercury transit in this recently-commenced Synodic month has an impact on your life and how your love life grows and blooms, Panna.


This Saturday, you will get a lot of health if you have trouble breathing. You also feel empowered and willing to apply new diets or lifestyle that are much healthier.


In the morning you can be tense and feel overwhelmed by the possibility of losing your job now. Do not forget about those negative thoughts, because you would hurt yourself and would not solve anything in your work. Follow the inspirations that come to you.

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Money and happiness

There is money and wealth in the environment, but you do not fear that you would spend it if you get it unexpectedly because you do not want to overdo it. At these times, you have to keep control of your budget so that you do not take part in debts that will be difficult in the next year of 2019.

Astral biorhythm of today

Sexual energy level on Saturday: meanwhile.
The cosmic dynamics you should use: the positive development of your psychic, dreams and premonitions that literally appeal to you.
Dangerous trend today in Virgo: waste your time by doing unproductive things or talking to people who have nothing to do with you.
What to avoid: passivity, laziness and laziness.

Forecast couple today Saturday

The best relationship today: on Saturday you are in very good astral tone with Virgo, Kozorohem and Taurus, as well as with Cancer and Pisces.
The most tense relationship: in your relationship with Leo and the Aquarius you are somewhat unstable.
Current compatibility: Very good with signs of water, cancer and fish in particular and also with callilla – or land – like Panna and Taurus.
If you are the only one: You will soon have the opportunity to meet with whom you can change the course of events in your love life.


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