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What if Steam stopped being a spoiled child PC Master Race?

It has been accepted for several years Steam as a par excellence service in the field of computers. What has been developed as a way to update Valve games more comfortably and to fight piracy has become an industry standard for computers.

The characters of this giant are currently dizzy. You can not see how many games were released in 2017 (a total of 7,762 titles in a ratio of more than 21 per day) and the impact that they will bring down in their community of gamers.

However, something changed for several years and the latest release of Epic Games is just another example not everyone is satisfied with Valve's monopoly, unbelievable how it may seem.

I can not get … Satisfied …

081218 Steam 01

In addition to Epic Games, she released her new store (like EA, Ubisoft or Blizzard without going any further), the real joke is that Studios Stain Studios decided to leave the Epic Games Store. And only,

This massive phenomenon, called Fortnite, seems to be enough for the creator of the Unreal Tournament (currently in stand-by, as we thought they were fully prepared to set up their own business, and that they were building up several studies. Something logical, on the other hand, taking into account these great benefits, with 88% profit.

When we say that until a braking ride (up to the exclusive PS3 and PS4 data) is added, it seems that many people will have to get used to having different PC services to manage their entire catalog. And here nor should we forget the discord, which has recently fully entered the video game market, outside the program that speaks when we play, with some exclusive (temporary, yes) meanwhile slasher online Last year: Nightmare.

Ideal would be to have everything centralized (what Valve suggested with Steam), but today, the differences in the PC sector are increasing, where most often have an account in this service, another in GOG (with its own exclusive, especially on the market more retro) and large companies such as Blizzard, EA and Ubisoft. Only Microsoft is the one that brings pressure from time to time, so not all exclusive Xbox One and Windows 10 are limited to the Microsoft Store, as happened with Sunset Overdrive.

Steam is no longer the only destination on your computer

081218 Steam 02

In consoles it seems unthinkable, because everyone has their own official store, but the offer is increasingly different in the PC and we see how it grows over time, which is also not bad by itself when comparing prices to see where it costs less PC games, with the exception of managing virtual libraries and issuing certain features.

Then there is the fact that the biggest companies with their own store exclusively reserve their best titles, as is the case with Blizzard's bouncers (from Overwatch to Destiny 2, passing Starcraft II and World of Warcraft, is not available in Steam) or Electronic Arts (Battlefield V is not in the Valve service, even if there are further installments of the DICE saga).

In the case of EA, we need to add an exclusive Access Origin subscription according to the current models provided by a wide catalog of membership games in one or more months up to the whole year. That's why Microsoft is very good at going without going on with the Xbox Game Pass, which is most similar in the PC sector to not so crazy (yet) Utomik.

It suits us to be competitive for us, as a consumer, but Valve has to rethink some aspects (the benefits of the Epic Games Store for creators are a distinguishing point) if you do not want to lose more pieces of your cake. Even if he does not seem to lose his government … After all, we're talking about it a service that has been active for more than 15 years and this is practically the standard when talking about a computer game in digital form.

You probably have to get used to all Steams, albeit worse if GOG implemented DRM into your catalog, right?

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