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Why are thousands of penguins on Plaza Italia?

Everyone who walked by car or bus surprised thousands of people Penguins at Plaza Italia,

They surround obelisk Balmaceda, right in the center of Av. Providencia and moved to Santiago, on Thursday 6th.


Penguins in Plaza Italia
Photos: Instagram Collective Bla

And so it was. Collective Bla, the one who is dedicated to city hits and who makes the Made in House festival – the one who installed the enormous woodpecker in the Ente Tower – gives them the place to deliver a report on environmental education,

He was commissioned by the 13C television channel to promote awareness of the effects of climate change. And for the same reason, they chose those southern seabirds that are at risk of extinction.

Penguins are made in real-life and all the material used in their construction is recycled: 1300 plastic bottles and more than four tons of diary.

Eye, until Saturday you can go with these animals. In fact, that day will give these sculptures to all who want to take home.

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