With strong guards and no relatives of the Catrillan in the room: so began the formation of former carabiners

With a rigorous police check-in near the Collipulli Warranty Court, at 9:00 am, a formal hearing of four Carabiners who participated in the death of Camilla Catrillanca began.

On Thursday evening, police officers laid papal fences on the perimeter of the court, where some neighbors approached.

The four detainees are Sergeants Raúl Ávila and Carlos Alarcón, Fern Braulio Valenzuela and NCO Patricio Sepúlveda, who are at risk of preliminary detention.

In the first place, the relatives of the late member of the community could not enter the room on 14 November because of the limited space of the room. Judge Sandra Nahuelcura did not allow access to print to capture photographs.

Subsequently, a representative of the judiciary set a period of one hour and 15 minutes. The application was filed by lawyer Alexander Schneider to examine the 400-page investigation file in more detail.

It is now expected that the degree of participation of former uniforms will be revealed. Fees that are imputed are accusations of murder, obstruction of investigations and destruction of evidence.

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