Without white facilities this Sunday debuts the law on coexistence of roads

No march and fines will debut on Sunday "Law on road coexistence", which aims to "harmonize" different means of transport.

Branch Minister, Gloria Hutt, next to the Mayor of Providence, Evelyn Matthei, and civil groups have published public regulations on Pedro de Valdivia Norte avenue, and educational road circuit,

Among other measures, the law prohibits bicycle travel on the road, which require the use of bicycle paths or walk along the right path, except for those streets where there are exclusive bus routes where they have to occupy the "left side of the left lane".

In the case of bi-directional routes, the law applies only in the case of a central or medium-sized bank.

So is the concept "cycle", which applies to any non-motorized vehicle with one or more wheels propelled exclusively by one or more persons stationed therein, such as bicycles and tricycles ".

It is found that when a motor vehicle progresses or exceeds "cycles" it must maintain and a cautious distance of about 1.50 meters during the entire maneuver.

Those people who If they violate the new law, they will face a fine that varies between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM, ie between 10,000 and 24,000 pesos.

The Chilean Association of Municipalities warned this Saturday Team that the company's infrastructure Santiago Street "Not Ready" to enforce the law and calls for the development of cycle paths.

Founder of the Educleta Foundation, Andrés Santelices, stressed that this new law would help to end disputes over public space. "What we can do is a a message of citizenship of respect, empathy, and that we can all be equal in public space"he said.

He also called on the authorities because "we will not get anything from control laws unless there is no control, an important challenge is the authorities to comply with and comply with this standard. "

The Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, said the law "endeavors to order" and adds that "this is a change in traffic law, so Every driver or person using the road is obliged to know the scope of the law"he explained.

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