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Xbox Game Pass adds in December Mortal Kombat X, PES 2019, Ori and more

You know the nine games that are integrated into the service this month.

Microsoft has announced games that will be added in the Xbox Game Pass this month, where some of them are interesting as Mortal Kombat X, PES 2019, Ori and Blind Forest and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

Below is a complete list of games coming to the Xbox Game Pass along with the date of addition and short description:

Mortal Kombat X (December 7)

Travel 25 years into the future as a continuing epic saga of Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat X introduces a new generation of fighters (including the return of some favorite fans), a brilliant film presentation and a character customization system that lets you choose between special moves, attacks or weapons that will affect the strategy and style of each character. Connect with your best friends to get along with this fantastic fighting game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 19 (December 13)

PES 2019 restores the intensity of football with ultra realistic recreation of the best leagues. If you are a member of the Xbox Game Pass game, you will have access to all the action! And now, thanks to the recent update of the game, you will have new stadiums, sets of equipment and a new range of shoes and soccer balls. As a member of the Xbox Game Pass you can compete in the next season of the PES League, the official world sports contest of Konami, where you will find and reward the best player PES 2019.

Spintires: Mudrunner (December 13)

Prepare to check out strong off-road vehicles in the wild countries of Siberia in Spintires: Mudrunner. It moves through the muddy way and overcomes torrential rivers or obstacles with an impressive physical engine that simulates some of the toughest environments that one knows. Go through 19 fantastic vehicles and leave your ingenuity and navigational abilities. Personalize and play with up to three friends in multiplayer mode. Work as a timber transport team and unlock new vehicles and maps as you progress.

Hellblade: Senua Victims (December 17)

From Ninja Theory, one of the developers' teams who joined the Microsoft Studios family and Enslaved: Odyssey in the West and DmC: Devil May Cry earlier this year, the brutal journey of the warrior towards myth and madness comes. Meet the Viking Age, a Celtic warrior takes a journey that will guide you through the disturbing vision of Viking hell to save the soul of his lover. Created in collaboration with neurologists and people living with psychosis, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice takes you to the depths of Senua's mind.

Ori and Blind Forest (December 20)

Often described as a beautifully beautiful and agile emotional, critically acclaimed title and its passionate fans since they joined Xbox One, Ori and Blind Forest, they have won more than 30 awards. This Moon Studios platform game combines amazing arts with soulful music, demanding playability and a powerful narrative in this transcendental game that you can not miss.

Shadow Warrior 2 (December 20)

The product of one of the most dangerous franchises in the world and the Wild Wild Hog developer is the best manual combat system ever created. Prepare sharps to bring your friends or create a powerful explosion with amazing amounts of fire and archaic magic to clear the world of evil. These elements give life to the most feared, extravagant and bloody disgrace you've ever seen. Get into the shoe of Lo Wang, your ninja friendly neighbor killer who is always ready to cut, cut, and more … Beat the countless monster waves on your way to solve the mystery of the girl who has magically trapped you in your head.

Oh! if you missed it, we announced another three games yesterday in The Game Awards, which will be added to the Xbox Game Pass game catalog. I think you'd rather let your job and play.

Ashen (December 7)

It's a co-op RPG open world about a tramp who is looking for a home. As soon as you enter Ashena, you find other players in the open multiplayer co-operative world. It is up to you to deal with them if you fight against evil that challenges them to your group or simply ignores them.

Kingdom of Two Crowns (December 11)

Collaborate with other players in the new campaign mode individually or in cooperative mode to build the kingdom and protect it from the threat of greed. Test new technologies, units, enemies, rallies and secrets in the next development of the award-winning micro-strategic franchise!

Below (December 14)

Experience this procedural terrarium full of life, mystery and death. Test your adventurous mood in the underground labyrinths of the island. Explore the extensive and interconnected underworld with cunning wilderness, deadly traps and shadow penetration. Survive the danger of the depths and find out what's under … or try at least.

It is clear how this service has grown and has undoubtedly become a very attractive product with a catalog of more than 100 games.

Well, what do you think about the additions to December 2018?

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