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You know the AI ​​that can defeat the person in the debate

We are in San Francisco at IBM Think 2019 and we have met with this impressive robot capable of defeating the best humane debate.

The IBM Think 2019 started in San Francisco and it was great because since Monday, February 11, we were lucky to have seen another milestone in technology. Another round of robots and people.

Yes, because Fayerwayer witnessed the first debate between AI "Project Debater" against the great world champion finalist in the debate in 2016 and the European debate champion in 2012 Harish Natarajan


The truth is that none of them had previous training and only 15 minutes before the beginning, they got information and topic of discussion

Suggested Topic: Is state funding for pre-primary education necessary?

"Project Debater, which is for this offer, and against human Natarajan.

While citizens could vote online to reward the liberal machine or the conservative European champion.

How IBM Project Debate Works

The Debater project is created about 10,000 million phrases from newspapers and academic publications,

His creators Naon Slomin and Ranit Aharonov explain that instead of attempting to defeat people, it is valuable to use AI, which can put extensive databases into context to prepare for a discussion capable of articulating reasoning.

During almost 30 minutes of debate, with 03:30 minutes for arguments, the machine and the man was no rest.

And due to the final result and the reversal of the initial trend, it seems that a man will win.

Of course, the surprised Natarajan just exclaimed at the end of the debate that he never had such a hard opponent. She, a robot from IBM, caused it to be extreme to refute his ideas. A large amount of data in the context was nothing more than a good dose of emotional intelligence, articulation of thoughts, and especially stress and gesture. Non-verbal communication that still destroys.

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