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A number of new regulations will be implemented in May, with the social security rate reduced from the 1st legal network

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 30 A series of new regulations will be implemented in May, which will decrease as of January 1.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Wei Liu Hongxia

Newly revised government regulations for disclosure of information will make information on government information available, social security will decrease as of May 1, three types of imported pets will be exempt from isolation and quarantine, processing and circulation will detect African swine fever virus … My New the regulations will be officially implemented on 1 May.

New revised regulations to raise government information

Recently, Prime Minister Li Keqiang State Council has signed a state council to announce revised regulations on the openness of government information of the People's Republic of China, which will enter into force on May 15, 2019.

The revision of the regulation has increased public disclosure of government, both in terms of public quantity and public quality optimization, and has actively responded to people's demand for government disclosure, reflecting new advances in government disclosure in recent years. New achievements and solutions to the extraordinary problems encountered in practice.

In particular, the amendment to the regulation includes three aspects: First, it insists on openness as a norm, does not grant public exemptions, clarifies the scope of public disclosure of governments, and continually expands the publication initiative. The second objective is to improve the legal rights and interests of applicants and related parties in accordance with the procedures for the publication of applications and to make the necessary regulations on the incorrect exercise of application rights by a small number of applicants and affecting the normal course of disclosure of government. The third objective is to strengthen service delivery requirements, increase the efficiency of government disclosure by strengthening the use of information technology, and effectively play the role of government information in the production, life and economic and social activities of people.

Lower social security rate since May 1

The General Council of the State Council recently issued a "Comprehensive Plan for Reducing the Rate of Social Insurance", which since May 1, 2019 reduced the share of contributions paid by city employees to basic foundation insurance companies. Current provinces with a payment ratio of more than 16% may be reduced to 16%. .

The plan proposes to continue to reduce unemployment and accident insurance rates. From May 1, 2019, the province, which introduced a total unemployment rate of 1%, extended the unemployment rate reduction period to April 30, 2020. From May 1, 2019, the accident insurance rate will be extended to April 30, 2020 .

The plan also proposes to adjust the basic policy on social security contributions. Based on the average wage of employed persons in private units in urban areas and the average wages of employed persons in urban private units, provinces calculate the average wages of urban units, set the upper and lower limits of individual social insurance contributions and adequately reduce the social security of some policyholders and businesses. Payment basis. Individual industrial and commercial households and flexible employees are involved in the basic foundation insurance of corporate employees and can voluntarily choose the appropriate payment base to a certain extent.

Three types of imported animals will be excluded from quarantine

"Notice on further regulation of the supervision of the transport of pets in quarantine inspection" issued by the General Customs Administration will be carried out on 1 May. The new regulations make it clear that pets can be released in three cases after the customs quarantine on the spot, but each passenger can only have one animal at a time, limited to cats or dogs.

After the new regulations have been implemented, pets carrying this record must provide a valid quarantine certificate and a vaccination card issued by that country or region. The three situations that can be released are: pets from 19 designated countries or regions, and pets have valid electronic chips, cats and dogs pets from other countries or regions, with effective electronic chips and provided by laboratories Antibody Test Report rabies, guide dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, in addition to having an effective electronic chip, must also provide the appropriate user certificate and training certificate.

Pets that do not meet the above three conditions must enter the port with nine quarantine facilities notified by the General Customs Administration and accept 30 days of quarantine.

Detection of African swine fever virus during processing and circulation

Market Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Information have issued a notification, since May 1, African swine fever virus has been detected in processing and circulation to prevent infected pig products from entering and processing food .

This notification requires pig processing companies and pig products operators to purchase raw pigmeat products which should be inspected and approved for their animal quarantine certificate, meat quality control certificate and African swine fever virus test results (report), in order to ensure that purchased pig products from African swine fever virus, imported imported pig products should be accompanied by a certificate of inspection and quarantine of incoming goods.

This announcement requires that market surveillance services at all levels strengthen the supervision and control of the centralized market for edible agricultural products, sales companies and catering companies and focus on pig products with incomplete "two certificates", unknown sources and inability to provide reports on the detection of African swine fever virus. Examine and locate suspicious pig products in time to carry out random checks to prevent sick pigs from entering the market. Market surveillance and animal welfare departments and veterinary departments at all levels should strengthen investigations into the traceability of African swine fever-positive products, and severely punish responsible farms, slaughterhouses, pig processing companies and pork operators.

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