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Ten years two times 11 witnessed the tide of modernization of consumption, Alibaba commercial trading system fully strengthened the new business

At 15:49:39 on 11 November 2018, turnover of 2018 Tmall double 11 exceeded 168.2 billion. It took only 15 hours, 49 minutes and 39 seconds, more than a total of 11 days of Tmall.

The speed of exceeding 100 billion marks is still alarming. It took 9 hours to reach 100 billion last year and less than 2 hours this year. This figure is almost shocking for the entire company.

2018 Tmall Double 11 is the process of breaking a number of records.

Turnover exceeded 1 billion in 21 seconds, which is 7 seconds faster than last year.

2 minutes and 5 seconds passed 10 billion, which is almost one minute faster than last year;

Interruption of 100 billion in 1 hour and 48 minutes, which is more than 7 hours faster than last year;

The order of logistics surpassed 700 million at 12:01;

At 10:36 in the morning, the volume of logistics orders in 2016 exceeded 657 million, which is more than 8 hours faster than last year.

Brand turnover is just as amazing. At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, just half a day, this year, Tmall Double 11 has turnover of 167 brands exceeding 100 million yuan, ranging from "100 million clubs," which exceeds the number of Tmall twice in 11 days a day in 2017 …

In oak 11 global business Olympics, the Alibaba economy is continuously reducing the record and limits it has created itself. Tmall, millions of marketers, brands and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as hundreds of millions of people full of energy upgrades, are record-breaking. As Ma Yun said in the introductory edition of this year's 11th edition: Thanks to all the friends who participated in doubles of 11, I thank all couriers, customer service staff, all kinds of work for you! Without you there is no miracle today!

Although the numbers are shocking enough for today's Tmall Double 11 and Alibaba, record high records have long been expected. People should pay more attention to the strength of the new business in China. Deep Thinking.

Ten years of cold and warmth, in a long river of history is just a short while, but in the evolutionary history of Chinese trade, it is strong and colorful. From the "Single Day" of the sponsored company, to the participation of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, and the socialization of China's economy, Tmall Double 11 has become a booming Chinese business modernization and consumption.

The profound influence of Double 11 on Chinese business and even the Chinese economy has already crossed the stage of doing miracles and tides, and has entered the phase of building the foundations and changing regimes. If the past double 11 is more to show the height of this social enterprise breakthrough, now double the 11, people should pay more attention to the depth and breadth of digital control of China's business transformation.

On October 30th, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong issued a letter to the shareholders who unambiguously suggested the concept of the "Alibaba commercial operating system." In his opinion, the diversified business scenes in Alibaba's economy and data assets are linked to Alibaba's high-speed cloud computing, creating a unique "Alibaba commercial operating system" that is fully justified. Brands, businesses, and businesses complete digital transformation.

As the founder of Tmall Double 11, Zhang Yong knows that the relationship between Double 11 and the commercial operating system Alibaba than any other. From the point of view of consumers, Double 11 is the largest consumer and business innovation scenario for the year, with Double 11 being the best window for digesting and collecting data assets; for Alibaba's Double 11 It is the best tester for its own capabilities as a business infrastructure covering all aspects of information, logistics and payments.

"Energy" has always been an important key to Alibaba's business and strategy. Alibaba exports digital skills to brands and businesses, adapts them to new trends in the digital age and creates greater value for consumers. Today, Tmall Double 11 is the biggest attraction for Alibaba to benefit from brands and traders through a set of digital commercial operating systems that are beneficial to consumers and bring new changes to China's business and even the Chinese economy. .


Consumption wool increases

In the decade since the birth of Tmall Double 11 it was a decade of explosion of a Chinese enterprise. The largest shopping carnival in the world – Tmall Double 11, is the best note for Chinese business transformation and consumption upgrades.

According to Analysys data, Tmall's market share in the B2C market in China reached 59.5% in the third quarter of 2018 and the market peak continued to grow. As a major front of China's upgrading, a large number of new products and services have entered the eyes of Chinese consumers through Tmall. 2018 Tmall double 11 pre-sales data show that Midea, Haier, Gree, Blueair, Panasonic, Oaks, Cadiz, Duya and other joint ventures Tmall jointly launched their own smart home appliances selling hot, including electric hinges, More than 20 custom-made products such as eye protection and microwave ovens, are among the first in the industry. All intelligent terminals have also entered thousands of households. Sales of smart Bluetooth speakers increased by 167%, AI TV and smart TV accounted for 90% of flat TV sales, and the number of voice TVs increased by 72.83%. Sales of smart home appliances are out of the question and high-quality, smart and customized consumer trends have become popular.

A profound change in consumer attitudes is the richer category of consumer goods. Ten years of data on a cat twice, people can become more deeply aware of the changing course of Chinese life. According to the data, the most popular households in 2009 were "small pieces" of heaters, electric heaters for towels and humidifiers, while in 2017 they were replaced by new "three small pieces" – sweeping robots, air cleaners and vacuum cleaners. . In addition, the growth rate of "new" home appliances such as steam mops and air purification robots is at the forefront. The change in this category vividly describes the trend of increasing consumption in our time: new refined new consumption time comes.

From physical consumption to the consumption of services, Tmall Double 11 is a witness to the richness and diversity of the consumption of Chinese consumers. Consumption of health beauty, healthy consumption and consumption of tourism have become hot spots for Tmall Double 11. As a new army, local life service connects to twin 11 and implements full coverage of twelve pairs of life scenes.

Consumption waves sweep China and the internet has eliminated the digital divide between cities of different energy levels. The Alibaba Group reported in its income report that the yearly active users of the 25 million Taobao Tmallu added between April and June 2018, 80% of third and fourth-tier cities and rural areas, while flight flying data show that in 548, 54% of users who bought the travel products on the platform come from third and fourth cities. Improvements in consumption have become a resonance for the whole of society.


Commercial operating system, brand empowerment

The Tmall Double 11 is not only a consumer carnival, but also a brand-new arena. This year's Tmall Double 11 attracted more than 180,000 brands to join, which is 6600 times more than in 2009. Tmall Double 11 has 167 brands in excess of 100 million yuan in the midday, 100 million clubs ", which exceeds the number of doubles of Tmall 11 throughout the year 2017. In fact, Tmall double 11 opening only one minute, Nike, GXG, Apple and Xiaomi and other brand turnover exceeded 100 million, among them, Apple and Nike 12 hours turnover exceeded 1 billion. As Zhang Yong said, Tmall Double 11 became commercial Olympics.

In addition to stunning growth in the order of grades, more and more brands and merchants decide to produce "dry goods" and release new products at Tmall Double 11. Tmall Double 11 has become the largest new consumer hub in consumer goods in one year. Apple, Huawei, OPPO and VIVO launched the flagship on the eve of the Tmall Double 11 and the freshness brought by the new products caused the digital geek to wait and see, so the pre-sale was just launched, there are a number of new machines being sold.

The Tmall Double 11 is not only the top of the brand promotion but also the best window for digital branding. Through Tmall's data, brands can gain a deeper understanding of consumer portraits and meet the needs of consumers. Just like Xu Min, vice president of P & G, said on Double Double 11 on the eve: "Double 11 has become an important window to raise brand awareness, penetration and even overall brand position."

During the 19 years since the founding of the company, the B-side service and the B-end have been strengthened by the status of the permanent commercial Alibaby genes. Tmall Double 11 provides not only the competitiveness of global brands, but also the mature commercial commercial operating system Alibaba is a powerful engine for transformation and brand modernization.


New retail practices create a new era of physical business

In 2016, Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba's Board of Directors, first proposed the concept of "Five New", including "New Retail" at the Yunqi Conference. Over the next two years, "new retail" has become the most widely used business concept in China.

This year's Tmall Double 11, integration online and offline is a great attraction. Tmall Double 11 will feature 200,000 new retail smart stores and 12 key retail districts in 12 new, ideal retail cities, and nearly 600 new retail outlets and Shangchao will join nearly the whole day. Cat Double 11, covering the scenes of everyday consumption of people eating, drinking and playing. The figures show a huge off-line attractiveness of Tmall Double 11, at 11:36 am on the 11th place, the national turnover turnover trick exceeded last year is double 11 full day, 13:09, and digital home modernized Tmall 266 stores, sales exceeded 10 billion yuan . The impact of Tmall Double 11 has been expanded to offline, bringing new opportunities for physical business. Alibaba became the best one-time access to urban life.

Alibaba's business operating system provides solid support for offline upgrades. On the eve of Tmall Double 11, the GXG men's clothing brand in Nanjing opened its first new retail sales experience, which has accumulated several new retail technologies on the Tmall platform market, such as the "Wild Mirror", right in front of the mirror. Location, intelligent AI can identify the face, shape of the body, recommend the most appropriate wear and show the test effect through the mirror. Tmall's latest retail system allows storage to move lines, the amount of time consumers have picked up their clothes and even a certain piece of clothing, so they can provide real-time data and provide a reference for retail decisions.

The digital transformation of retail is not just the retail of retail data but also the reconstruction of people, goods and industries to maximize the operational efficiency of the retail industry. At Alibaba 2018 Global Investors International Conference, held in September 2018, Hou Yi, President of Box Ma Fresh Life, revealed that sophisticated deals that have been operating for more than 1.5 years have a trade effect of 50,000 yuan and far exceed the effect of traditional supermarkets and new retailers. He tested the practice test.

"New retail" was able to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses in the system. This year, Tmall will double 11 million local businesses. Alibaba is a business communications platform enabling businesses in the community to fully implement Alibaba Taobao digital operations data can help Tmall businesses identify what products are best for this community, and Ali's environmental infrastructure can also maximize business infrastructure. Reduce purchasing, logistics and inventory costs to get higher revenue.


"Buy the World, Sell the World," which promotes global globalization

Today's world has long become a "global village". As the largest retail platform in the world, Alibaba plays an active role in global business and is best represented in Tmall Double 11.

Tmall Double 11 is the best time for Chinese consumers to "buy the world". This year's 11th largest US sports retailer, renowned British retailer shoes, the Alibion ​​Japanese brand of beauty, and nearly 500 global brands for the first time in Tmall International entered a double camp 11. For example, Cat International introduced nearly 19,000 overseas brands from 3,900 categories in 75 countries and regions, of which more than 80% enter the Chinese market for the first time. Tmall Double 11 has become the most important platform for overseas brands to enter China. Zhang Yong announced a "big import plan" for Ali at the next International Import Fair on the eve of Double 11: Ali will combine the power of the digital economy to reach global imports of $ 200 billion over the next five years. This plan will undoubtedly become a new engine to modernize China's consumption and will allow the world's industrial chain to share the initial dividend of the Chinese market.

Tmall Double 11 also emphasizes the great vitality of Alibaby's organic "Sale of the World". In 2018, on the Alibaba Tmall International platform, the monthly average number of buyers reached 10 million, covering 62 countries. Through AliExpress, Tmall's oversea platform has more than 240 countries. Alipay cross-border travel services in 53 countries and regions that support 27 currency agreements. Emergency logistics has established 8 core nodes of the backbone network of logistics and 15 overseas local distribution networks.

Alibaba's globalized organization and the globalized globalization program, which represents the eWTP (Global Electronic Trading Platform), are becoming a new impetus to promoting global free trade at the time of the digital economy. The Alibaba platform creates a business-to-business network without borders, enabling globalization to create opportunities for the success of more small and medium-sized businesses, women and youth.


"New Production" supports industrial transformation and modernization

From "new retail" to "new production", today's Tmall Double 11 has broken through the business field and has become an accelerator to support the transformation and modernization of the manufacturing industry and the real economy.

Twice 11 is the biggest selling point of the year and the best opportunities for C2M (from manufacturer to consumer). Senior Chinese brand Little Swan from the C2M confectionary advocates trying to reduce the distance between young and young consumers successfully tried to use the C2B model to adapt the first "bumblebee, Iron Man, Captain America" ​​on the Tmall platform. The appearance of young fashion washing machines, each one started, was enthusiastically sought after.

According to Ma Yun, "new production" is the perfect combination of the manufacturing and service industry. Its competitiveness lies not in the production itself, but in the creative thinking, experience, feeling and service capabilities of production. In recent years, Tmall Double 11 from household appliances, custom-made custom-made home furnishings, the trend of "new production" has become reality, and Alibaby's commercial operating system has already created "Made in Internet" from reality to reality.

At present, the global economy is confronted with turnovers and turnovers, with "new production" becoming the ticket for the entity in the future.


Technology is a digital economy

In the tenth year of development, Tmall Double 11 has become the only social collaboration in the world that has emerged from the commercial and commercial operating system Alibaba is also mature and perfect.

This system, like the sophisticated computer that supports its operation, is a set of basic technical safeguards that support seamless operation of commercial "software" and "interact" with consumers. This year, the Tmall Double 11 system will serve more than 200 countries and regions as well as 180,000 brands and will connect to more than 200,000 offline smart stores. This operating system is also accepted or partly accessible by more than 3,000 logistics partners, more than 200 financial institutions and more than 1,500 telecom operators.

Digital technology has and will continue to significantly change customer experience. This year's Tmall Double 11, biometrics, blockade, intelligent logistics and other technologies will be widely used. On Alipay, fingerprints and face sharing based on biometric technology have become the main stream of Double 11. Data show that user satisfaction with the biometrics payment method is more than 95%, which goes beyond the password payment and the technique of blocking ants first takes part in a double 11, officially applied in a double of 11%. At Tmall International Mall, the products monitored by the blockade will cover more than 100 countries and regions, and the number of commodities will reach 150 million. This year's Tmall double 11 single express number is about to break one billion, a new network through the global intelligent logistics network of backbone synergies, relying on IoT technology to create a "global network, wisdom and synergy" of the twin 11.

Alibaba is a commercial operating system built on top of its rapidly growing cloud computing data. The massive computational demand brought by Tmall Double 11 continues to overcome Alibaba's technical capabilities. Alibaba Cloud has today become one of the top three cloud computing providers in the world and has taken over the leadership of the Chinese market. Business application scenarios and basic technologies complement each other and demonstrate the immense value of technology-oriented China.

Just as major changes in computer software rely on updating basic technology, Alibaba currently summarizes the concept of a "commercial operating system," and grasps the basic logic of enterprise modernization and transformation: a technological revolution. Over the past ten years, Alibaba has succeeded in pushing China's consumer experience and business capability to the top step by step, relying on technology and long-term investment. This year's series of technological innovations, including biometrics, blocking and smart logistics, will further challenge new limits on customer experience and business capabilities.

This year's Tmall double 11 single express number is about to break one billion, a new network through the global intelligent logistics network of backbone synergies, relying on IoT technology to create a "global network, wisdom and synergy" of the twin 11.


Sea Shell, hero hero

Today's Chinese economy is undergoing the impact of structural adjustments and challenges of external environmental changes. At this point in time, the boom of consumption, business transformation, and technology development are a key factor in combining social confidence.

Tmall double 11 is related to these factors. On this huge stage consumer choice is expressed by the desire of people and the desire for a better life; the entry of brand owners shows their firm confidence in the Chinese market as always; creating flowers shows the imagination of small and medium-sized businesses; The operation and maintenance of the company demonstrate the role of a strong technical service that will help the real economy.

The reason is that Alibaba has never stopped exploring for 19 years. After 10 "twelve" high-end tests, the commercial operating system Alibaby has created ever greater value for brands and consumers from exploration to adulthood.

Transformation Tmall Double 11 is an example of China's economic transformation. Tmall double 11 witnessed the process of digital economy and the real economy from parallel to deep integration, from new retail production to new production, the basic logic of Tmall double 11 leads to a deep transformation of the Chinese economy. Tmall Double 11 marks the future of high-frequency resonance in offline and online stores. Last year, total retail sales of consumer goods in China exceeded $ 36 trillion, making Alibaba a major stage in transforming its energy and playing its energy. It is likely that, if more than 30 trillion of China's consumer markets move towards digital transformation, what kind of potential consumption and business development will be stimulated.

Tmall double went to the tenth year, GMV was not the most important thing for a long time. What we should pay more attention to is the viability of Alibaba's commercial operating system and the mission and responsibility of the company for the future.

At a time when the global economy is facing great challenges, the positive energy of Tmall Double 11 will be a source of confidence for digital China. As Ma Yun said in a letter to shareholders recently: "When it is difficult to do it, it is the mission to fulfill the mission" to make the world a difficult business. "An Alibaba Group has announced an income adjustment before a double of 11. Growth expectations and more room for growth and profits for more SMEs,, and 50 financial institutions have launched a $ 200 billion small- showing that Alibaba never sacrifices height and long-term benefit patterns for short-term financial indicators.

Tmall Double 11 is set to end in 2018 and witnessed another great energy of great social synergy. "Because I believe, I've seen it," because I believe in Alibaba's ecology, I believe in the commercial operating system Alibaby, people see another commercial miracle. Consumers see a better life, brands see opportunities for digital transformation, manufacturers see new energy in C2M, and China sees the enormous potential of the digital economy. All this gave people more optimism and confidence in the Chinese economy and the world economy.

"The sea flows and the hero is true." After 10 years of Tmall Double 11, his momentum never lost, but he still shows his vitality. Today's peak is tomorrow's normal, Tmall double 11 renews again the height of Alibaby's business infrastructure, showing the strength of Alibaby's commercial operating system. Its emergence is undoubtedly the good fortune of China and the world. It gives people insight when ecology connects the whole of society and the future.

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