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Baidu's popular network approves: search engines should give charity and service first – Baidu Baidu – cnBeta.COM

The search service does a private gardening service that does not meet public interest needs or does not meet the core requirements of the "Network Security Act" and "Internet Information Services Management Regulations".

Some experts have pointed out that Baidu has basically many large internet platforms. In order to maintain their dominant position in the market, they "paint the ground for jail", self-control within the platform, selectively protect competitors and refuse third-party searches. Free crawl of engine content. This kind of behavior shakes the cornerstone of the Internet.

Baidu's search leads traffic to its own products, leading to all parties

"Baidu's search is dead" wrote: Recently more than half of Baidu's search results on the first page will point to Baidu's own products, especially the self-media platform "Baijia No" The content is versatile, but the quality is disturbing. Baidu is no longer a gateway to the Chinese Internet and has been renamed "Baijia Station Search".

"Baidu's Search is Dead" picture of the article. The pictures in this article are the map network of all microblogs

This article has caused a lot of resonance, unnamed Su Zerui said: "Usually I do not use Baidu, search information is too chaotic and ineffective In the Baidu period, Baidu has the right to selectively provide users with search content to expand their traffic but users will also measure, whether Baidu will continue to use, and another search industry will also take advantage of the opportunities. "

Some people in the media said their articles were passed on by others, and searches show only 100 content, and their website can not use the bonus for content traffic. There are also Baijiahao authors who think platform ratings are more stringent because traditional media and official institutions are located, quality is relatively reliable, and products are compared with WeChat and Taobao. "Opening Baidu without logging in is much better than for peers".

At 23rd, Baidu replied that the Baijia number is an important measure to enhance the Baidu APP environmental experience. At present Baidu's Baidu search results are less than 10%. On the 100th day of the content creator ceremony held in Baijia, Baidu Vice President Shen Xiao said that "there is no conscience": "In the era of computers Baidu can access the content of any website without hindrance on a standard browser but at the time of the mobile Internet There was a lot of content blocked at APP, making access difficult, so I launched the intelligent applets Baijiahao and Baidu and I hoped to reverse this situation. "At present, Baidu APP achieves 160 million daily activities, and the daily average flow of information is recommended. 15 billion, 100 content creators exceeded 1.9 million.

In fact, ordinary netizens are looking for information, that is, they want to get the most accurate and strictest information. The best thing he wants to find is the headline of the search results. Baidu therefore claims that search results are "100% home page" and that "total station is less than 10%" is lacking convincing.

"News" has changed to "information", Baidu "closure" transformation

On May 25, Baidu was found to have refined the search engine and gave it a URL. Search results already contain a web address instead of a media name. In other words, netizens can not directly distinguish between search results from a website or hundreds. As stated in the cnBeta report: "The search result of a web address loss causes the user to open a link to see where the website comes from, which gives some inconvenience as shown below." When searching for a "Huawei" keyword, whether it is external content or content stored in Baidu itself. "

Although Baijiahao is being refined for "quality-grade sorting," Baidu still can not fully control the platform as a platform. There are problems with plagiarism and even mistakes in the media.

For example, in 2018 there was a "scam with physical factors". When Baidu searched for the "acidic physics" keywords, the first five pages of the "columned by focus" information column had 100 contents and the first was January. The sixteenth article "Acidic bodies is the source of all illnesses – the most commonly reported health reputation in 2018, transmitted to older people at home" is a self-media number called "Focus on monitoring meteorological information" and there is no article Source. According to intelligence, this article is actually a handwritten copy of the WeChat public figure of January 15th. In other words, the first place in Baidu's information is a media copy that copies Health Times. At the same time, it was the fifth search, "the sour body does not want a son, expecting mothers to say goodbye to these bad habits!" He's still using this paradox to stir up.

Looking back on the whole incident, it should be inseparable from the transformation of the Baidu platform. In 2016, Baidu launched the Baijia number. In August 2018 Baidu Baidu News silently changed Baidu News and the search results changed significantly. The original results of the portal and traditional media became number one. The main result. At that time, there was an assessment of the media that said "Baidu will increase Baijiahao's weight to the same status as traditional media." Baijiahao will grow rapidly and will probably become the first platform for self-media.

In July 2017, Baidu launched a new "simple search" application. Li Yanhong once said: "Simple search will never be advertised in search results." However, this searchable search engine is only available in the mobile version. This means that in Baidu's logic, users on the PC side can only endure advertising, a great deal of self-media information and the implications – you think you are logged in to the Internet, but it's just a Baidu desktop client.

In 2018 Baidu reached more than $ 100 billion. Li Yanhong announced Baidu's vision in 24 days: Becoming a world-class high-tech company that understands users and helps people grow. In his inner open letter, he said, "When Baidu started in Zhongguancun 19 years ago, our goal was very clear, that is, to make a search engine that users really feel good …"

After 19 years Baidu, who hopes to "best understand the users", has clearly diverted from the initial heart.

The public knows that WeChat can only search for public articles, Taobao can only search Taobao products, but the public does not know Baidu is also just Baidu.

Search engines should first give public welfare and service

The survey, which was launched by Sina Technology from 15:00 on January 30, was attended by 14,917 people. On the question "How do you think Baidu is looking for?" A total of 38.63% of people chose a positive "very easy to use" rating. "Easy to use," 38.99% of people chose "difficult to use" and "very difficult to use". 49.61% stated that "will continue to use Baidu search." According to the survey, Baidu first dealt with the question "which search engines are used normally", which is 46.81%. The beginnings are Google (19.13%), Sogou (10.14%), 360 (10.09%), Bing Bing (10.15%), others (3.68%).

Users search for Baidu's keywords, not only want to see Baidu's own products but want to use Baidu to search for this door and enter the vast Chinese Internet space. The product is no different, not as good as a thousand, which is also the significance of search engines. As users expect such expectations, Baidu's "closure" will lead to a discussion of "public attributes".

In the same way, is the public placed too high expectations on the search engine itself? Under the same keywords the reporter consulted the "website" "information" Baidu search engine and the top ten Baidu clients, most of which Baidu's own products. In the first ten results of Bing Bing, the presentation of each web site is fairly balanced. About a third of Sogou's search results are their own content, such as "Sogou Encyclopedia", "Sohu", "Sogou Ming", "Sogou Ask" and so on. In 360 search results, there are recommendations for the "360 Encyclopedia", "Quick Info", and the secondary search "Picture", "Video" and "Good Drug" are bigger.

The results show that other than Baidu other search engines also tend to recommend their own content products. This inevitably leads to people who access information through these search engines, it is a priority to see their own search engine products rather than on a fair recommendation of "web PR value" or "validity." Once this information is of poor quality or even other problems, the public can not avoid it.

Use several Search Engines for "Yang Liwei" to get results

Use a few search engines to find the "Red Wanted" keywords to submit results

Use multiple search engines to find "early pregnancy" keywords to submit results

On January 2, the National Internet Information Office informed the Beijing Internet Information Office of spreading vulgar and vulgar information about some Baidu products and channels that seriously undermined the ecology of online public opinion and an interview with the responsible person charged with Baidu who ordered an immediate and comprehensive repair. During the remedial period, Baidu mobile web version, Baidu news client "recommended channel", Baidu APP "female channel", "entertainment channel" and "emotional channel" were suspended for one week from 15:00 on January 3. At that time, the responsible person charged with Baidu said he would strictly implement the network department's interview requirements, set up a network by law, consistently fulfill primary responsibility, and strengthen network environmental management.

In response to the incident "Baidu" reporter interview with experts in the industry.

Expert commenter who asked not to be named: "Why does Baidu do it? Is there any deeper reason? For example, in the PC era, Internet information navigation, now at Mobile APP, the search can not be found and the main platform" No. into their respective ecosystems.In fact, Baidu has powerlessness and this helplessness began with his Baijia and Xiongzhang.

Are there any information barriers for each platform? Reporters searched for the original media content found in the headline, the WeChat public number, the penguin number, the big UC fish number, the NetEase number, the Sohu number, etc. Baidu's search is really difficult to find a link.

And similar views are also the founder of the Fang Xingdong blog network, the president of the Internet Laboratory, who expressed his views in the Global Times: In recent years, WeChat, Weibo, Taobao, today's headline and vibrato, Competition between the user community and the content platform harder and more trendy –from

In order to maintain their dominant position in the market, each platform "creates a base for jail", self-control within the platform, selectively protects competitors and freely traverses the content of third-party search engines. This kind of behavior shakes the cornerstone of the Internet.

Use Baidu to find results from some media content

Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Journalism and Communication, China Academy of Social Sciencesfrom

Lei Xiafrom

It is said that in the era of new media is one of the most important ways people get information through web search, which is a highly dependent search engine. That is why sense of social responsibility is a necessity and a first priority. It is necessary to strengthen accurate and worthy information. But what information is accurate and worth pushing for?

Firstly, the information itself has a strong certainty and avoids false information;

The second is that regardless of whether import is a number, it should be based on algorithms and user requirements, rather than based on profit-based advertising;

The third is appropriate and straightforward, rather than a user who performs a large number of projections in many relevant information;

Fourthly, in a sense, the search engine is equivalent to an internet entry. It can not only push hundreds of numbers and cause eavesdropping on other websites.from

If a company is in the industry, it must have greater social responsibility and responsibility.

Doctor of Communication, Communication University of Chinafrom

Cao Peixinfrom

The Professor believes that this incident shows that Baidu as an important influential over-emphasizes economic attributes while ignoring public attributes (such as real, objective, services, etc.) and political attributes (promoting honesty and credibility, etc.). . We should therefore think about how to continuously improve the management system and the regulations of new media organizations such as Baidu, to push them to better balance the relationship between the three attributes.

Director and Researcher, Journal of journalism research, Institute of Journalism and Communication, China Academy of Social Sciencesfrom

Huang Chuxinfrom

It is said that, based on the relationship between users and search engine providers, Baidu uses search engines to increase site traffic and high advertising costs, it is required to provide users with safer and more efficient search engine services; Content on Baijia No. lack of supervision of customs and a large number of false and harmful information floods, which damages the interests of consumers. This will have two consequences. One is that Baijiahao's fake and detrimental information will damage the social order and hinder building cyberspace "Tianlang Qingqing," the other side is also the second damage to the Baidu image.

In the online world, search engines are an important basic project for cultural communication. That is why we must first give public welfare and service. Specifically, there should be no "proneness" in the user's use process, and factors that include his own business interests can not be called in the process. Relevant trade unions should standardize and coordinate information collection, software development, and search mechanism mechanisms, and develop as soon as possible a general, adequate and standardized network information resource search system. It is understood that already in 2002, the United States and the European Union have promoted the fairness and objectivity of search engines in the form of industry standards and regulations and have created a complete industry standard.

From the point of view of social management, if the public is only recommended to the public, media content will affect the voice of the mainstream media.

Some own media represented by Baijia No. because the bodies involved in public opinion lack good media literacy and the lack of supervision can not properly trace the authenticity of the news event, the damage is obvious. In the long run, this will inevitably lead to the ineffectiveness and even ineffectiveness of the mainstream of public opinion work, the reduction of government credibility and the weakening of the main media guidelines for public opinion. Given the long-term lack of government and business oversight, Baijia's number is full of chaos, such as plagiarism among the media. On the one hand, this situation damages the original author's economic interests, on the other hand, it promotes the plagiarism of the plagiarism article, tells the manuscript and dampens the creative enthusiasm of many original content producers.

Associate Dean and Professor, School of Political and Legal, China University of Communicationfrom

Wang Sixinfrom

This means that for everybody who uses it, the search engine leads it to the information window of knowledge, the unknown and the outside world, and it is a platform for information and aggregation of values. As the largest provider of search services in China, it is legal duty for service providers to obtain accurate, objective, comprehensive and authoritative information services through search services, which is also a basic requirement of the state, society and users. Request.

Search engines should pay more attention to the public service functions they perform. If this is due to one's own personal interests, the "fatty water" of the search service is introduced into its own "one-level three-point plots" by various means that seriously deviate from the "avenue" that the search service should go through.

Secondly, the search service captures, aggregates, classifies, etc. Cyber-space information is proprietary, and then divides it according to the user's needs. This is intended for search providers to treat information and information materials provided by any third party in the cyberspace in a fair and equitable manner with an objective attitude. If the search engine uses its own technology and platform and uses people's trust in "sought after" services that use their dominant position on the market, the sale of their content is either directly or discreetly compliant. The Athlete is also a referee, contrary to basic procedural fairness.

Thirdly, although the search service does not provide information services directly, it has a primary and implicit role in deciding what information the user has access to and is a guide and a basis for users to search, receive and disseminate different types of information. In this case, the search service should meet the basic requirements of legal and ethical information content, political orientation and basic socialist values. The search service does a "private garden" service that is inconsistent with the basic requirements of network security laws and rules for managing Internet information.

The rules for the management of Internet Search Services issued by the National Internet Information Office clearly require: "Internet search providers should provide objective, fair and authoritative search results, without prejudice to national interests, public interests, citizens, legal entities, etc. Legitimate rights and interests of the organization. "

Secretary General Xi Jinping said linking is the essence of the Internet. Cyberspace is the spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people, each participant has an obligation to make this spiritual home better. Searching for a "Kase" list of practices damages the Internet's sense of well-being, the feeling of cyberspace and does not respect the relevant provisions of national laws. Regulators, service providers and users should work together to change this situation. .

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