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Chen Simin: Beginning Tigers in 2019, Big Tigers or Call for | Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Qinling illegal villa

In addition to highlighting some of the key points of today's anti-corruption policy, People's Daily Online explicitly pointed out "Qinling's illegal villas" when it was emphasized that the Yang Feng Yin problem was also to be addressed. During the three-day summoning of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee, as reported by the public, the Qinling's illegally constructed media, which has already been dismantled, continues to increase. The reason is that CCTV broadcasts took place on January 9th. Wind film ———————————————— ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————————————- Decreasing water is 202 pieces (actual number is about 1,185) and many other insider information. It is not the name of Zhao Zhengyong, secretary of Shaanxi province, who commented Qinling's correction.

At the same time, some WeChat public accounts with official media backgrounds have extensively published articles linking not only Qinling's Illegal Villages and $ 100 Billion Cui Yongyuan Coal Mines but also revealed the double protagonists of these two Zhao Zhengyong cases. Last appearance in the public report: Xi Jinping, in July 2018, made the sixth and final injunction to the illegal construction of Qinling. At that time, Zhao Zhengyong, who retired for two years, was the deputy director of the China People's Congress Internal Affairs and Justice Committee. On July 3, 2018, I went to Xiangji Temple in Chang An, Xi'an.

Although it is said that "going to the Xiangji Temple, Peace and Nothing," but usually incense does not seem to be, it is clearly unnecessary to keep the Buddha leg temporarily. Zhao Zhengyong not only did not do big things but also added a big case. Even some articles have written quite clearly: "Is it a former political and political king, do you have two big" hot spots "?"

Zhao Zhengyong was transferred from Anhui Province in 2001 to the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Political and Legal Committee. Since 2005, he has been acting as the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Executive Vice-Governor and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. Zhao Zhengyong was in charge of land and resource work during his tenure as Deputy Governor.

On the eve of the announcement of the Zhou Yongkang case in 2014, a media recovery report appeared that Zhou Yongkang's son, Zhou Bin, was involved in a 10 billion yuan arbitration in the Shaanxi Jinglin coalfield before and after 2006, and encouraged Deputy Governor Zhao Zhengyong and Political and the Legal Committee. Help each other.

Before that, in September 2013, the media returned to another major case when an incident occurred in 2003, when the "largest Asian lead mine – the Lanping zinc mine in Yunnan Province" was sold. Technology on capital, Yunnan Province, if the development of Lanping's lead-zinc mine is not a problem, but converted to shares of Sichuan Hongda, yet I do not know why. "After 5 years of official" decryption ".

In January 2018, the Central Discipline Review Committee published the name of Liu Han, Sichuan City Chief, and said there were people on it. The biggest umbrella was the "big tiger" Zhou Yongkang. For example, Liu Han plans to color the Yunnan Lanping mine, Zhou Yongkang personally called Yunnan Bai Enpei from Beijing then, and for $ 500 million behind Liu Han Liu Han, the Lanping Zinc Mine Lanping. Controlled Sichuan Hongda has 60% of mining rights with less than 1 billion yuan.

Whether it is a national significant sale of Lanping Zinc Lanping Rope in Yunnan, the Shanxi Qianjin Coal Mining Case, published by Supreme Court Judge Wang Linqing, Shanxi Iron ore Case or other Mines with Low Visibility, exists in Hu During the Wen period, reported by public opinion, but there are no real consequences. At the same time, most of these cases involving minerals have been committed around 2003.

As well as this time, Cui Yongyuan detonated: "What secrets are hidden in the set of disputes that has lost the Supreme Law?" Already 8 years ago, during the Hu Wen period, "China News Weekly" 2010 32 contained the article "Black Gold" Snatch War, "Confidential Letter" to the Supreme Court in Shaanxi province was announced in detail and the history of "blackening coal" was explicitly mentioned.

According to reports, in the mid-1990s rural areas in the northern part of Shaanxi began to move. As long as the secretary of the village house has a mining permit, it would be possible to dig up coal in order to make money. After 1996, the Mineral Resources Act was amended. All minerals belong to the state, but the state can transfer the mining rights in a paid or unpaid way. … Since 2003, besides Yulin, including Tangshan in Hebei, Baotou, in the interior of Mongolia and many energy-rich regions like Erdos and Sichuan, has discovered a wave of personal establishment of corporate circles.

It seems that the coal mine became "black gold" and started a wave of encirclement. During the democratic rule of Jiang Zemin, a wave of interest struggles began before he left the podium.

Evidence of mine information made available to the media explained the underlying facts. Anyone who can obtain mining rights is not an ordinary or routine enterprise, in other words, behind the scenes. Get points first.

Originally, the ruling of Jiang Zemin was known for corruption, especially after the suppression of Falun Gong in 1999, it was still necessary for corrupt officials to participate in persecution. Therefore, for those corrupt officials who have a corrupt case but have not been released publicly, they will ignore the grace of Xi Jinpinga instead of being likely to close close.

For example, after Cui Yongyuan broke through the Supreme Court, on January 28, 2018, People's Daily appeared Liu Juan, the heroine of Shaanxi's 100 billion dollars in the field of mineral rights. The video interview showed that Liu Juan is a member of the CPPCC Guangxi Standing Committee and also of the Hong Kong Group. Arrange important positions. During a half-hour conversation, Liu Juan, from his own permanent residence like Hong Kong, spoke of changes in Shaanxi and then of Guangxi.

Therefore, on 9 January this year, CCTV published many details about the illegal construction of Qinling. The arrangement of broadcasting time was rare and deliberate, that is, it took over the golden ensemble that was originally used to broadcast TV drama – the audience was the general public, so some degree is also open to the inner level at a high level and the game is expanded.

Overall, Xi Jinping's recent speeches on the fight against corruption show that in 2019 he will continue to fight the tiger. Regardless of whether Zhao Zhengyong or others with high voices, there is a high probability that the corruption group Jiang Zemin, which has a large number of corruption, should have no doubt.

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