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When the topic of genetically modified foods is still under debate, when the condemned genetically cloned sheep experiment faded out of sight with the death of the Dolly Goat, biologists of world-renowned universities agreed to the Consensus when human biological ethics were sacred and inviolable "" Jiankui opened the box.

Some people still remember that Harvard China Forum, one of the inventors of gene-editing technology, and Zhang Feng, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said in 2017 that it was necessary to have this technology: "With tremendous power, it's a huge responsibility .


On November 26, 2018, People's Daily said that "China's first immune genetically modified AIDS baby was born in the world and He Jiankui, a professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology, was full of self-confident advertising videos. beings used their own next generation as experimental products, were born in China, even Leichi, who had inventors of patents who dared to cross, broke the moral floor in a mighty land.

Many movies have predicted danger of highly developed human science and technology, a film about the ethical aspects of genetic modification is infinite, fly, Gattaca, Jurassic World, Splice, Blade Runner 2049 … Volkswagen for cloning, genetic modification There is a basic rational understanding of the dangerous consequences.

I still remember the familiar story we saw in the movie: the secrets of the Western Dark Powers and the madness of a mad scientist make experiments endangering humanity. The story revolves around the righteous side to try to stop the danger of happening. At a time when Chinese technology is still lagging behind, most of us still think that the evil of preventive science is a matter of the West, but today, the film's plot of the past in China is really alive.

According to concurrently published evidence, the National Clinical Testing Center Shenzhen Kechuang, Southern University of Science and Technology, Hemei Medical, Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Hospital and Hej Jiankui Bohai Technology Co., Ltd. are involved. In fact, China is carefully considering the main conditions for genetic transformation, atheistic thinking, investment in governmental innovation projects, thousands of people planning to acquire top talent, a low-human society with unknowingly experimental participants, and weak legal supervision. Wait, that made such a result.

The social environment created by China in China for more than 70 years of atheism has created contempt for life from government to people. Although science itself is not afraid of life, the development of Western genetic research has managed to modify and modify genes at this stage. However, where beliefs and traditions exist, exploration of the unknown effects of science can be limited at the last minute, but this Krehka was exploited by the CCP, which could not use injustice and open the door to hell.

Moreover, in a society where China's money is highest, moral and legal awareness of fertility is very indifferent. Illegal replacement institutions in Guangzhou province have long been in an uncontrolled state, some northern clients have been given replacement children. After the resurrection of children, for several years they have found that children are increasingly Cantonese children. It is likely that the egg is not completely taken away from the parents because it is likely that a healthy egg will be implanted, so that the institution dares to falsify. There are also planned birth twins as well as medical services for boys and girls who are also very prosperous in mainland China. Organ transplants, facial, face, etc. changes, wherever you can make big money, are full of ethics of loss of control. In such an ethical environment, an environment for different bottom-up experiments is provided.

What is the purpose of the experiment? According to Jiankui's introduction, the genetic editing project was designed to allow newborns to be born with AIDS. The couple who received the experiment were all infected with HIV and the woman was not infected. Some scientists have questioned the necessity of this experiment: HIV can not infect sperm and AIDS eggs are not a genetic disease that can prevent the father from suffering from AIDS. So what is the purpose of the AIDS immunization program? Perhaps these two newborn babies do not have married parents, it can be a substitute, an attempt or a success. AIDS is just a trick. But where is their future? Experimental products of two genetic defects are unpredictable and can be abandoned at any time under pressure, or more likely to be preserved as objects of observation, and crimes against humanity appear around us.

Jiankui, 34, is an excellent science and technology talent. His father said in an interview, "Jiankui is the first and talented Dr. Ph.D. in biophysics at Rice University in the United States, a postgraduate student at Stanford University and a talented man in China, Jiankui is the smallest shareholder of seven companies, a lawyer of six companies and owns the manager of 5. The total capital of these seven companies is 151 million yuan, and business is booming and prosperous, and after returning to China, it has quickly and successfully made the investment just around the corner.

This time, he Jiankui thought that the birth 基因 基因 genetic baby 使用 使 使 使 使 使 使 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生? Discard. Like many Chinese graduates who grew up in China, his way to life was successful in studying the tests. His view of life should lack a lot of humanities, life, right and wrong, morals and beliefs. Research takes place at school, but its thinking does not evaluate the basic ethics of biological genetics. Biological experiments are performed daily in animal experiments, and He Jiankui rarely has the potential to be good at rationalization. He was selected by tens of thousands of CCPs to return to China. If literary talents did not have human ethics, CCPs could use it very smoothly.

So, when he spoke at the Hong Kong Gene World Summit on November 28, He Jiankui said I apologize at first for the random publication of the results, which led to the immediate failure to provide complete data and failed to do the same before doing so. In the industry report, he answered questions from industry experts: "I am proud of this experiment and I am very proud of it. It is possible to see that Jiankui's accusation in the system is that he has found the target too early and he is just looking for success. the public is completely incomprehensible, knows only technology and does not understand ethics. He is probably the summer insect described in Zhuangzi's "Autumn Water", which is very sad.

Although the Western Biosphere has reached a broad consensus on the bottom line of genetic engineering, there are still some biologists and scholars who privately believe that human choice and the path of gene transformation are unstoppable. But in China, this opinion will have more people. For decades, the CCP has forced all industries to rise, rise and become stronger, which has led the industry to think that sooner or later they should try human genetic operations. Instead of letting the West lead, it is better for us to do it ourselves. When discussing this incident, similar past GM genetic modification is not questioned, some people in the biology industry unwittingly want to hold human genes in their hands, which is their life goal, belief.

Although, according to strong public opinion, the Chinese Science and Technology Association and the National Health and Medical Committee replied: "The project is seriously violating national laws, regulations and ethical guidelines, and is vigorously investigating violations of laws and regulations, but in China, the CCP is celebrated. Darker technology and experiments will be done silently but will learn hidden and beautiful packaging. The CCP does not fall apart and will continue to do so.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Pandora box was opened. According to mythology, people actually come in wars, illnesses, disasters and lies. The emergence of modern AIDS may stem from a human sexual disorder and later spread among toxic disorders. Destroying the human immune system, if people end up with fornication and reconciliation, AIDS naturally disappears. In addition to AIDS, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases also damage the immune system of the body, it is not a coincidence what behavior people will taste.

Pandora listened to the gods, left her curiosity and let go of the disaster. How can human retribution, which is not defended by virtue, rely only on medicine and biology to stop it? The human genetic experiment under the pretext of immune AIDS is even more uncontrollable.

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