Decryption of "wide range of anti-cancer drugs": 75% cure is wrong, suitable for people who are cheaper and harder to sell – Wall Street

  1. Decryption of "broad spectrum anticancer drugs": 75% of the treatment rate is poorly quantifiable, applicable to less expensive and hard-to-sell Wall Street
  2. The unit price of 230,000 anticancer drugs comes to China next year, but the drug rate is up to 75%.
  3. The so-called 75% of "broad spectrum" anti-cancer drugs are not "magic drugs" – IT and health cnBeta
  4. Unit Price of 230,000 Anticancer Drugs Coming to China next year, but drug rates up to 75%, controversy – Question and Answer to Alibaba
  5. A "broad spectrum" of anti-cancer drugs can treat 17 types of cancer? Indeed, but the effect is exaggerated.
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