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Drive steadily and start over again. The national winning team winter training mobilization conference held on November 28 added fire to launch this passionate winter training.

The World Weightlifting Championship in Asgabat, which ended this month, is the best World Championship in the Chinese Weightlifting Team. 20 gold, 23 silver, 10 copper, 53 medals is the highest in history, reflecting the dominance of China's weightlifting in the world. It is also the first time in the history that 20 athletes who participated in the competition received a medal. This is not easy in connection with the 20-year federation federation federation change. Facing leveling, the National Rifle Team quickly adapted and often interrupted and created a new world record for the world championship.

At the same time, it is the world championship with the highest level of success and full level of athletes. Before that, the team was formulated with clear leadership ideology, ie playing on a level, understanding opponents, building trust and starting and worsening team strategy and tactics. Realizing such ideas, this is very consistent. 20 players had 7 players and 6 of them all succeeded, 6 of them had 5 successes and 5 of them had 4 successes. This success has caused the game scene to be wild and wild.

At the Aschabat World Championship, the Chinese Strike Team was ready, commanding, unambiguous, unambiguous, tactical, team and efficient. The team went from research, medical care, rehabilitation, weight control, information gathering and pre-match preparation. There are many guarantees that athletes and coaches can play the game without fear.

After a new year on the international stage that faces changes and challenges of different situations, both domestic and foreign are afraid of the image and spirit of the Chinese battalion team. All athletes and weightlifting trainers showed the style of the Chinese weightlifting champion. Regardless of the field competition, exchanges with foreign players, and interviews with domestic and foreign media, they were all generous and self-confident, showing a new Chinese weightlifting. The image got a good answer.

The Zhou Jinqiang, Director of Sport and Sport Management, held on the premises of the State Sports General Administration, was held at the meeting. The opening of the World Championships inspired the National Strike Team to start important winter training and prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the same time he said that this World Championship is only a meeting during the preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The team has a long way to go, to realize the benefits and to discover problems at the same time, and to quickly come out of praise and self-confidence. This is also the level of maturity of athletes and coaches. Everything from scratch on the podium.

A summary of the performance of the National Weightlifting Team at the World Championship, the team also found many problems to be solved in winter training and training for next year. "Firstly, the small and medium-sized judgments of men and women on our rivals are too conservative, the opponent's victory is unexpected, some gaps between opponents and opponents are still quite large, and champions reach 76, 87 and men. reasons are good enough, but that does not mean they do not have the strength to challenge us in the future. The situation is very serious, secondly, strategy and tactics in the game are still flawed and lacking, preparation in advance, training concepts and models, Problems with analysis and assessment new levels are only world championships. The world championships can be magnified 100 times at the Olympic Games. We should study and summarize thoroughly. Third, our physical training and injuries, prevention, selection, team building etc. We need to further improve and improve.

To that end, Zhou Jinqiang said that the whole team should join and fight, go ahead, go out, do a good job in winter training and present 6 specific requirements. "First, improving the strength as the main goal, the leading edge level should consolidate and expand the advantage, the opponent's level of strength is almost equal to gaining a comparative advantage, the score is not as good as the opponent's level to significantly improve the strength to catch up." Second, rigorous management and requirements, Reinforcing the tempering style, really creating a team that can get a good war, demonstrating the image of the Chinese armory weightlifting reinforcing the construction of the composite team again, mobilizing the enthusiasm of all parties, relying on the power of science and technology to effectively increase their own strength. The fourth must attach great importance to physical training, Training and training at the level of athletic performance is at the core of weight training. The fifth combination of training and competition will solve the problems encountered in the winter training competition. "Sixth is good for antidoping work, can not relax, time has to be involved in everyday training and life."

Strong confidence in the world championship, the national team must be strong in winter training

"The level of reform has been going on for 4 months, we've had an adaptation according to the world championship, but we have not been fully involved in this role, because after the competition, players can play more stable on profits, the results are high and the success rate is quite high." , male coach Yu Jie believes that players have new understanding of new levels, winter training should increase strength. "Including strength, physical strength, etc. There are all strengths, players have a physical and psychological understanding and a new level of improvement." After winter training, a whole new change will take place. "

In Ashgabat, the men's national team won three titles in the 67, 73 and 81 kg categories. Yu Jie said these levels are quite prominent, but they still can not relax but also in strength and detail. Continue to improve. The 61 kg weight class, which was defeated by two players, eventually lost. Yu Jie said the team would help Li Fabin and Qin Fulin run away. "The 61 kg class is also our key level, both players have lost from Irawan in Indonesia and the difference is 7 kg, we have to catch up, both are fully able to compete with Indonesian players but it takes some time." From the 56 kg class, Qin Fulin was class 62 kg and both need an adaptation process. "Yu Jie believes that the world championship is better for Tian Tao, and both levels are very big, although he has not won the championship, but his performance has grown considerably. "This catching 181, jar 226 kg compared to the best performance in history, snatch increased by 4 kg, the blockbuster increased by 6 kg and the third blockbuster attacked the success of 236 kg, indicating that its potential is still very large, S With a huge increase in just four months, our assessment at this level is correct. "

The new rules of the Olympic Games Tokyo rounds disrupted the inherent model. In the past, the Olympic round had to get athletes to participate in full qualification, and now it is necessary for athletes to qualify. "The integration cycle is divided into three stages: Each competitor competes at least twice in each stage ie participates in 6 competitions and selects the 4 best scores for the calculation of the points, the requirements for the athletes are higher and show a small cycle, fast pace, characteristics with high intensity, so our training concepts, models, methods and methods have to be changed. "Yu Jie said the new rules of points offer physical, psychological and competitive athletes. Requirements, but also quite inhibit the emergence of dark horses because you want to participate in the Olympic Games must participate in all three stages.

The qualification for the men's Olympic Games in Tokyo has fallen from 6 to 4, which means that each country can participate in up to 4 male levels. "Each level must have two or three people to get enough points, and there are competitive players in 7 levels so you can accumulate enough talent to avoid accidents." 61, 67, 73, 81 kg talent class is still acceptable, at least 2 people take points, but a large level of 96, 109, 109 kg or more is still just one person, so we have to manage the rhythm of training, avoid serious injury. "

After the World Cup, the entire male team is very dedicated and passionate, and trust is sufficient. Through the game, the opponent's situation is clearer. "The team suggested that, in addition to strengthening training in winter training, players' physical, mental and compression skills need to be further improved as competition in the Tokyo cycle is much more intense than before, it can be described very lively. "In Yu Jie, the power and performance of players will be quicker in bingo competition.

Veteran Lu Xiaojun's love and endurance

"I like a weightlifting project, I have been practicing for 20 years, I have a lot of feelings for weightlifting, my coach is a masters, and my brothers are my brothers, they are like my loved ones and they are not willing to leave them." The reason why the 34-year-old is still holding, Lu Xiaojun is not at all sensational, it's kind of heartfelt love.

The Olympic winner has had a lot of records on the world record, but Lu Xiaojun is still struggling to beat. "Changing the level has some influence on me when I manage 77. I control the weight of about 2 kg to go into the game, it is more comfortable, now it is 81 kg and the weight is not high enough, it's also a little desperate." World Championship Wins World Record Later Lu Xiaojun went home for 10 days and lost 77 pounds. "Perhaps because the regularity of life is not as strong as in the team and the food is not so timely it will be like this I'm afraid I have to deliver food later, I'm afraid my weight will not increase Half of the game, weighing at 3:30, I'm throwing lots of food at lunch, so I'm the easiest amongst the contestants. "

Weightlifting has become an important part of preparing Lu Xiaojun for the Tokyo Olympic Games, because he basically uses a mass of 77 pounds to play 81 kilograms. This is not a long-term solution, but at the same time its weight and strength will grow to help it continue to stand in the future. Invincible. "I think I can get up to 84, 85 kg because there is plenty of water in this weight, it's easy to get 2 kg before the match and then sauna to 81 kg." Almost the prognosis ranges from 375 to 380 kilograms, gave some confidence and saw the hope of continuing to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games, but now there are two main difficulties, one is that the weight is not up and the second is after the training.

Age is an inevitable problem and Lu Xiaojun is also very honest. "This year, training did not return to the best, probably 80% of the best levels. If there are a lot of words today, the next day will be slow, but the third day may be able to hurry again – it must be much longer than before, stretching and warming up before the others before training, increasing time for team doctors to relax after training, and begin recovery training before others to cope. "

Lu Xiaojun has decided to continue the fight in the face of the challenges, and the team of support for the national battalion team is also fully assisting him with the use of technologies that contribute to the prolongation of the sport. "The former Olympic cycles were young and capable, and the training was completed in a personal style I was never in the first floor of an athlete's apartment but in the last year I went every day every day, and as older as I have to believe in science, including monitoring physiological and biochemical indicators of a research team that all help the coach regulate my workout rhythm and benefit from it. "

Women's national winter training team should be improved in all directions Zhang Guozheng insists that "a person can not be less"

"Overall, the situation is very serious and difficult." After the victory of four world championships in world championships, national coach Zhang Guozheng is still modest and cautious. According to its high standards and strict requirements, the 7 Chinese Olympic Women's Levels "must be no less" must continue to strengthen their strength in all respects. "In winter practice, we must continue to seriously study the project law, identify the attributes of each athlete and conduct targeted training and use this technology to increase the strength of the team."

At the Aschabad World Championship, Chinese women's movement in the first two levels 49, 55 kg met with Thai players blocked, the 59 kg class regrets Chinese players from Taipei, but then in the 64, 71, 76, 87 kg 4 gold, 87 kg and more lost to Russia to win second. "We felt well about the two minimum levels before the match, so we found out that the strength of the opponent is beyond our imagination. Some levels are influenced by opponents, and some levels are only preliminary tests, although the effect is good but only the surface phenomenon." Zhang Guozheng believes that although the World Championship is fine from the final results, there is still a large gap with high standards and strict requirements. "We can not afford it for a moment." The Olympic Games in Tokyo are already in sight, for us we do not have much time to improve our breakthrough, we have to fight only on two small levels, to kill the bloody path and there is still strength. Vitality. "

In fact, since the championship in the World Championship in just three months, many women in the national team are improving. "The strength of the players is very good. In comparison to the championship results Hou Zhihui has increased from 203 to 208 kg, Li Yajun has increased from 218 to 225 kg and Qi Hui also grew by 10 kg. Both are in rising trend Winter training we have to grasp the main Contradiction, Finding the Right Direction and Fault Breaking To focus on problems, it is the key to improving the overall strength of all players. There should be no idea of ​​"keeping training" or "cultivating training", and we have to innovate and break down in the previous cycle. the women's national team relied heavily on their trainer's training experience. "Zhang Guozheng believed that this team of cycles combined training and technology support more." Achieved from pan-science to real science, stricter and more practical, more functional. "

Although the qualifications for full women's participation in the Tokyo Olympics are four, Zhang Guozheng has repeatedly stressed the concept of "one can not be less". "At what level we can not give up, we can exhaust the potential of each level to cope with the initiative to prepare We follow our opponents to the world championship and our opponents also watch us Maybe we are winning now but it will not be too high next year. because they also see the hope that they will attack us. "In this winter training, the women's national team will thoroughly improve the complex strength of each level and prepare for the next crucial stage of preparation for the Olympic Games. "The Olympics have to pick four levels, but now we can not omit it. Next year, the situation is rapidly changing how to make a change to a controlled thing is what we should do." Coach is art, we have to give it Direction and team rhythm are adjusted to help them achieve a step increase. "

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