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Original name: Beide Yunshe was at the age of 70, the family with the lowest profile in a comic dialogue, at the loss of two people in three months

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This morning Deyun's comedy actor Gao Feng told Weibo that Chang Guitian, the third generation of the offspring of Chang's comic dialogue, died at the age of 76. Counting Chang Baohuo, who died in early September, Chang Jia went to two old gentlemen in three months.

    From left to left, Chang Baohua, Chang Baozhen and Chang Guitian. From left to left, Chang Baohua, Chang Baozhen and Chang Guitian.

In the traditional world of comic dialogue, there have always been three Hou Jia, Ma Jia and Chang Jia families. If you are talking about which family has the most comic actors, Chang will not let it.

    Chang Lian, Founder of Chang Jia (Middle) Chang Lian, Founder of Chang Jia (Middle)

Founder of Chang Jia is Mr. Chang Lian An. After the reign of Zhang Shouchen in the 22nd year of the Republic of China, Chang Lian began to live with a comic conversation. Changlian Anyu has six sons, namely Chang Baozhen, Chang Baolin, Chang Baozhen, Chang Baohua, Chang Baoqing and Chang Baofeng. These six brothers are all "can play 10" in the circle of comic dialogue and the most capable "hit" is Chang Baozhen's eldest son. How much is it? Just like the current Guo Degang.

Chang Baozhen, whose stage name is Little Mushroom, was a teacher at the age of 9 when he was a teacher. Zhang Shengchen said his performance style is very smooth and humorous, but it is unique and many fans are very strong.

During the Japanese-puppet period, the "Lord" dared to ridicule the cross talk of Japanese and pseudoreactive rulers, "Toothpaste Bag" and "Buy Tickets", later beaten and defeated. After he was released, he was forced to seduce the Communist Party's cross speech, but he refused. After the founding of New China, he actively participated in cultural affairs, died in 1951 on a condolence scene at the front of the war to resist US aggression and help and be persecuted as a martyr.

    When Chang Baozhen was on the DPRK front. When Chang Baozhen was on the DPRK front.

Besides Chang Baozhen, Xiangshengjie also has a group of masters such as Chang Baohua from a group of cattle, Chang Baozhen, heir of intangible cultural heritage, and Chang Baofeng, Guo Degang's Enlightenment Teacher.

Apart from "someone", Chang's next contribution to the cross talk is "Qiming Tea House".

    Chang Lian played in House Qiming Tea House. Chang Lian played in House Qiming Tea House.

Qiming Tea House was in Beijing 10 years from 1939 to 1948. It is the oldest professional cross-talk team in Beijing. At the height of the fire, 20 comic singers emerge every day. Masters like Liu Baorui and Guo Quanbao are here on stage called "Deyun Society".

In the Qiming Tea Room, the founder of Chang Lian's established three rules: Firstly, the whole paragraph was to wear long dresses, secondly, to say that the way of life must be standardized; Thirdly, to cleanse the crosstalk can not say to women. Children can not obey.

Just because of these three rules, many people think that Qiming Tea House is the oldest standardized and standardized cross-talk team that is six or seven years before Deyun.

Some people think that the conversation interview can not be separated from home and that the deep ZTE can not be separated from Guo Degang. And between Chang Jia and Guo Degang they are inseparably linked together.

At that time, 9-year-old Guo Degang was also called Guo Dagang and was obsessed with the art of cross-language. His father took him to visit his regular family. Chang Baofeng saw that he had a good foundation and let him teach the scattered skills. Although there is no formal apprentice, Chang Baofeng is also a teacher of comic dialogue Guo Degang.

    Chang Baofeng Chang Baofeng

As for Chang Baohuy's possession or step on Guo Degang, Guo Degang is also a kind of impulse. Guo Degang once publicly said that Chang Baohua is "the first person to have his own." Guo Degang also has respect in his heart.

    Chang Baohua (left) and Guo Degang Chang Baohua (left) and Guo Degang

Chang Guitian, who has just died, is not only a regular grandson of his parents (son Chang Baozhen), but also a teacher of Gu Degang, Hou Houowen.

Chang Guitian studied under Zhao Peir, and in 1958 he became a member of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and Maritime Policy Department, a cultural and artistic body that created "Trumpet Sound", "Power Research", "I Want You Success" and so on. Good work that is familiar to you.

    Chang Guitian Chang Guitian

In the traditional art world, Chang is a "good hand" like Chang Guitian, a well-known family. On the stage of modern comedy, the genus Chang also has a place.

In May 2018, the opening ceremony of the comic dialogue in Chiang and the famous performance of national comics took place in Tianjin. In addition to several generations of pupils, Jiang Kun, Feng Gong, Yang Shaohu, Shi Fukuan, Li Jindou and other famous comedians on stage are still the most important debut.

You may not know the Chang Chang name, but you may know the "Muslim" Meng Tejiao in Charlotte Trouble. Happy twisted signing actor is the fourth generation of grandson Mr. Chang Baohua and the comedy Chang.

    Chang Yuan plays Meng Tejiao in Charlotte Trouble. Chang Yuan plays Meng Tejiao in Charlotte Trouble.

Chang Yuan once said in an interview: "An old-fashioned critic is more than encouraging to me (I fear my grandfather, I'd rather go to the disco to say the crossword." integrated into the blood of a regular family.

A thorough audience still remembers that Chang Yuan has joined Chang Baohua in the interactive part of the third season of Happy Comedy. At that time Guo Degang was also called the "master" on the scene. Asked if he wanted to come to the "Happy Comedy" scene for his grandson Chang Yuan, Mr. Chang Baohua said "good" to blow up the audience! Later, Chang Baohua played the role of Chang Yuan's "Road to Comedy", which was highly valued by the media and Spontaneous Amway Netizens.

    Chang Yuan (left) and his grandfather Chang Baohua are on the same scene. Chang Yuan (left) and his grandfather Chang Baohua are on the same scene.

I do not know if he is going to open a church in the sky. In 2018, many folk artists died. . . . . . As the top of Deyun said this morning:

"2018 Hurry, Mr. Chang is good!"

Author: Sui a Tang

Responsible editor: Zhang Shen

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