Guoan advances to the top 8 of the AFC Champions League and sets the best record in the team’s history

Win Tokio FC 1-0 in the first round of the elimination round
Guo’an, who was promoted to the top 8 in the AFC Champions League, sets the best record in the team’s history

On the evening of the sixth, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan started the competition with Tokyo FC in the first round of the AFC elimination round. After 90 minutes of competition, Guoan won 1-0 with Alan’s goal and successfully advanced to the top 8 of the AFC Champions League, which is also Guoan’s best record from the AFC Champions League. On December 8, the AFC will hold a draw for the East Asian semi-finals in Doha, announcing the group’s matches and schedule.

In this game, Guoan coach Renesio sent the strongest team with the intention of winning with all his might. After the start of the game, the opponent took a closer look at the key players of Guoan, in less than a minute Vieira was overthrown by the opponent, which indicates the tough approach of the Japanese team.

What is different from the last few games is that 10 minutes after the start of this game, the team in front of the field was more oppressed by Tokyo FC and did not organize any decent attack. In the 13th minute, Guoan completed Vieira’s first shot, but the position was relatively positive and did not pose a threat. Seven minutes later, Augusto counterattacked by stealing. Fernando passes the ball to Alan, who was unguarded in front of the penalty area. Unfortunately, Guoan’s No. 19 missile was slightly off the far pole.

A great cooperation was also played by the Japanese team, which resisted the attack of Guoan. Tokyo FC winger Hara Daichi got a good one-on-one chance. Too bad this tall young man fired from an anti-aircraft gun. After half an hour of play, the Japanese team gradually gained the initiative in the game and the breakthrough of Leandra’s wing posed a great threat to Guoan. At the end of the half, Guoan and his opponent had a goalless draw 0-0.

After Yi’s party fights again, Guoan has not yet made any personnel adjustments and Reshuai has decided to continue to trust 11 people on the field. Alan was given an excellent opportunity in a few minutes, but his shot was too strong, the ball was higher than the crossbar and Guoan missed the best opportunity to miss the lead. As for the best player in Guoan in this game, South Korean central defender Kim Min-jae is definitely a candidate on my side. In addition to a stable performance in the defensive ending, he also got a good opportunity to head in the game, but unfortunately the point is that his header did not hit the goal goal in the end.

It was Alan who broke the stalemate for Guoan, and it was Augusto and his connection that posed a threat. Guoan No. 19 lost no more chances and scored 1: 0. Guoan took the lead in a passive situation. Less than 5 minutes after scoring, Alan was replaced due to convulsions, who were replaced by the young center of the Zhang Yuning team. In the following games, the Japanese team, whose physical fitness was declining, could not limit Guoan’s performance and Augusto also finished a quality shot in the 71st minute. The opponent’s goalkeeper performed a brilliant intervention and eliminated the ball.

In the final 90 minutes of the game, Guoan won the opponent 1-0 and successfully advanced to the top 8 of the AFC Champions League. The team also set the best record from the AFC Champions League. On December 8, the AFC will hold a draw for the East Asian semi-finals in Doha, announcing the group’s matches and schedule.


“Nothing but four?” Guoan rewrites history with victory

After 90 minutes of play, everyone who supported Guoan exhaled. After the match against Tokyo FC, Guoan made history. Although the first 45 minutes of the game are really unsatisfactory, as a mature team Guoan can stick to his own characteristics and play his own content during the second 45 minutes, which is an improvement in itself. The current strength of this team is undoubtedly the strongest in many years and the players are more confident. So far, they have given a satisfactory answer. It can be said that Guoan, who is “but not four”, finally After overcoming this obstacle, I successfully proceeded.

To be honest, Guoan’s performance after opening is a little disturbing. Slow warm-up and seemingly lazy performance are not like an attempt at battle. Active running and hard confrontation of the opponent also make technology. Liu Guoan is a little too much. What is different from the past, however, is that the team has changed after the break. Although the opponent still tried his best, Guoan insisted on his own style of play and with the given control pulled out the opponent’s defense and finally found a good opportunity to miss the lead.

In terms of the strength of the paper itself, Guoan can definitely be ranked among the top 3 teams in the 8 East Asia teams. Regardless of offensive strength or defensive level, the current Guoan team is also the best in the last ten years. . With enough strength as capital, players can play more confidently and score first and finally win against adversity.

For a smooth course and a strong team of guoans, qualifying for the top 8 of the AFC Champions League should actually be a phased goal. Reshuai now led his disciples to achieve this goal. 8. The East Asian semifinals will be drawn. No matter when Guoan meets the theoretically strongest Ulsan Hyundai or the other two excellent Japanese teams Yokohama Mariners and Kobe Victory Ship, they should not back down. Because regardless of composition or spiritual level, the current Guoan has the ability to break his wrist with them.


We are worthy of victory and we have the confidence to move on

At a press conference after the match, coach Genesio believed that although the team did not play well in the game, not everyone panicked. Guoan was still in control of the game. He believed that the team’s victory was real. Deserved.

Commenting on the game, he said, “This game is a very tough competition. Both teams showed the same status. Our team deserves a victory in this game. We control the game.” Many opportunities have been created and today we are very strong in the defensive end. “

Although he won, everyone who watched the game knew that Guoan’s performance in the first 45 minutes was not satisfactory. How did he adapt to this situation? Hot Shuai said: “The players didn’t stop at first and there were some mistakes on the pitch. For most of the first half, we were too focused on the center and didn’t make good use of both sides of the pitch. that we have to play two more side lanes, play more transfer balls and increase the off-ball run in front of the court. “

Guoan overcame the difficulty of the Tokyo FC and set the best record in the history of the AFC team. Is he sure that from the coach’s point of view he can lead the team further? In response, he said: “We still have to work hard and hope to move on. The whole team has a lot of determination. In the AFC elimination phase, the competition will be more difficult. I think we need it the most now.” The goal is to recover as soon as possible and start preparing for the next game. “

How will you prepare in the next few days? ”Reshuai replied,“ Even if we don’t know who the opponent is, this is not a problem, because we will focus on recovery in the next 1-2 days. Of course, I don’t think that would be a big problem for tactical training, because the Team has been running for a long time. I think that no matter what opponents we face, we have to stick to ourselves and just play our own things. “This article / reporter from Zhang Kunlong Group

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