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Han Han is a replacement for "Flying Chi" and he is filming a car show –

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li

Platform shooting, racing on the cliff, personal demonstration of the dance tank … Han Han for his third film "Flying Life" can be described as a solution. The film took place in Beijing the evening before, and behind-the-scenes production was launched on the spot. Han Han, once again looking back at the hard course of fire, could not just sigh: "The recess is a reef and you have to prepare a rescue helicopter to be on alert." The premiere also surprised the singer dark song Axin and Han Han created "Han Xin". Combination "sings" Half Life. "The film will be officially released on February 5th.


Rescue helicopters are on call at the edge of the cliff

"Flying Life" says Chinese rider Zhang Chi (Shen Teng) has decided to go back to the car and challenge young talented driver Lin Yidong (Huang Jingyu) but has no money, no car, no teammates nor a driving license. Reviewing, waiting for him is a return that is constantly suppressed by the face …

The overlapping brake scene is a great attraction for "Flying Life". Han Han hopes to see scenes such as the Rally World Championship. For this reason, the crew took several months before the national country and finally found Xinjiang "Devil's Track" to realize the cliff. When shooting a racing car, Han Han is exceptionally strict: "Viewers must not be able to choose professional problems." He is also confident in the final presentation: "This is the best, most comprehensive and professional film in the current rally of China."

The image is stimulating and the danger is very high. "It is dangerous to shoot those difficult car showrooms, everyone has a bottom because you can not guarantee what it will be when you turn off the car." Han Han recalls the scene when shooting a car. "The conditions are very good when filming in Xinjiang." It takes hardly 4 hours to shoot the film every day and it takes 4 hours to return. We also did a lot of security precautions, and we also rented a rescue helicopter. "It is worth mentioning that the car got Han Han also served as a replacement and many dangerous car games in the movie were his own.


Collaboration with Shen Teng, knowing humor with each other

For filming, many fans have said that the role of "Zhang Chi" is simply tailor-made for Shen Teng. Han Han is also full of praise for Shen Teng: "In addition to his innate comedic talent, he can also express the very deep emotional nature of the emotion." As long as he appears in the camera, he can fully adapt to that state. Though it is the first Second Co-operation, Han Han said that with Hitenge it hit: "When we filmed, they only sparkled, but we were preparing" fire ".

Shen Teng could not help but vomit Han Han "is okay": "The director really loves acting, his director likes to show himself, his performance is particularly strong, but his performance is a bit poor." When I had a chance, He went upstairs and played: "Although he spoke and showed no mercy, Shen Teng said he had" conquered "Han Han:" He (Han Han) has a particularly good temperament I will solve the problem in my own way I've never seen a director who never mistresses like him, the words "happy production," everyone says, but that's hard to achieve, Han Han's director has really done. "Hand, writer or director is competent in every identity, a man of great wisdom."

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