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Huawei 5G is forbidden by the New Zealand government, China's foreign ministry responds Lei Fengwang

Lei issued on Nov. 28 a New Zealand telecom operator Spark New Zealand (hereinafter referred to as Spark) a statement according to which the GCSB government rejected the company's proposal to use the Huawei 5G telecommunication equipment. It is "a great risk to national security".

In August 2018, New Zealand neighbor, Australia, announced at the government level that it would ban Huawei and ZTE from participating in the 5G mobile network in the country.

The Huawei 5G device was banned by the New Zealand government, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

Spark is interesting for Huawei, but the government does not allow it.

In fact, Spark is still very popular with Huawei. Already on November 4, Spark Managing Director Simon Moutter strongly supported Huawei as a potential provider of 5G mobile network technology in public. At the Annual General Meeting he stated:

We hope that our government will not stop them without convincing evidence until they can see that their technology brings security risks that we can not mitigate with the comprehensive security management tools we use on the network … We have found that Spark Huawei is a very good mobile RAN partner provider – are a global leader in mobile technologies, respond to our requirements in a timely manner and provide good business value.

Lei Fengwang(Public Number: Lei Feng Network)It is known that Simon Moutter appreciates Huawei because Huawei has already entered into a partnership with Spark in the 3G and 4G era. In fact, with regard to 5G, Huawei conducted a Spark experiment that demonstrated the ability to analyze a network of nuclear access networks.

The Huawei 5G device was banned by the New Zealand government, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

This time, however, due to GCSB's decision by New Zealand, cooperation between the two sides was forced to suspend.

In response to a government decision, Spark has issued a statement requesting the suspension of the Huawei 5G. In its opinion, it was stated that GCSB's decision would mean that Spark would not be able to implement a proposal to use Huawei equipment in the proposed 5G network. The company has expressed disappointment over this decision, but believes it will not affect the company's plan to launch the 5G network by July 2020.

Shortly after announcing Spark's announcement, the New Zealand Communications Security Authority (GCSB) also announced the ban on official websites.

New Zealand

In fact, Western countries issued a Huawei ban on 5G for national security, not once or twice. But this time in New Zealand this practice is outrageous.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the decision of New Zealand on 28 November was completely different from the previous position of the New Zealand government. The former government encouraged telecom operators in the country to cooperate with Huawei – but now 5G appears. When he came, the New Zealand government suddenly changed its mouth, which is mysterious.

As a result, the New Zealand Herald published a comment that the decision to ban Huawei would seriously damage New Zealand's relationship with China. Exports of New Zealand to China may be affected and this time it is very special for society to report the government's decision. At the same time, the decision was also dissatisfied with the New Zealand industry. CEO of 2degrees, another major telecom operator in New Zealand, said that if this decision is to apply to all operators in New Zealand, it will be very unfavorable to competition on the market.

The New Zealand Herald also believes that the US-China battle on Huawei has a deep diplomatic background. New Zealand has always avoided participation, but a new government decision means New Zealand and the United States and Australia are together.

Huawei responded to New Zealand's decision.

Lei noted that Andrew Bowater, Huawei New Zealand's vice president, said in response that Huawei is looking for emergency interviews with relevant executives and officials to understand the process and to clarify that Huawei does not have the so-called Security Risks. He also said New Zealand did not provide Huawei with any evidence that Huawei had a problem he said and Huawei did not accept the alleged major national security risk of New Zealand.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also expressed "serious concern" about the "New Zealand government's refusal to use the Huawei 5G service by telecom operator on the basis of national security threats" and replied:

The Chinese government encourages Chinese companies to conduct foreign economic cooperation on the basis of market principles and international rules and in accordance with local laws. The economic and commercial cooperation between China and New Zealand is the merit and win. We hope the new party will provide Chinese companies with equal conditions in new operations and will do more things that will be beneficial to mutual trust and cooperation.

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The Huawei 5G device was banned by the New Zealand government, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said

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