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Huawei Routing The WS5200 is equipped with full Gigabit Ethernet ports to support Huawei's unique "5G optimization" technology. In June and September of this year, Tmall's revenue has doubled the Gigabit Line NO.1 for three consecutive months.Today, the Huawei WS5200 enhanced version officially launched, priced 229 yuan, will be sold for the first time at 10:08 on January 2, 2019. Now the deposit deposit is 9 yuan to 39 yuan, and the price of hand is only 199 yuan.

Enhanced Huawei Routing The WS5200 features a self-titled dual-core 800MHz processor. The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi performance is 60% higher than the previous generation, and the performance of 5 GHz Wi-Fi is up to 25%.from

With 128M of large memory, it can meet stable online more devices.

In addition, its 5GHz Wi-Fi is equipped with two independent signal amplifiers, and Wi-Fi coverage is 30% over the previous generation.

Huawei routing WS5200 enhanced version of the overall shape and WS5200 almost identical, with four 5dBi expansion antenna, except the network port of automatic identification technology, there is no need to distinguish between different network ports, plug the internet cable into the network.

Huawei Routing WS5200 is a true dual-band router that can combine two signals for display. It does not display the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands separately as traditional two-band routers.

Combined with Huawei's unique "5G optimization" technology, the track can track the current network environment of the device in real time. If the 5G signal is good, it automatically switches to the 5G frequency band with higher transmission efficiency. Signal 5G is bad or 5G signal. If you need to go through the wall, switch to a more advanced band of 2.4G.

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