Hundreds of new products were launched for the first time at CIIE and 861 co-operation plans were achieved-

  Hundreds of new products, new technologies and new services will be launched at the world premiere, the first exhibition in Asia and the first exhibition in China at the 3rd CIIE

  The conference on matchmaking trade and investment achieved 861 goals of cooperation

3. The CIIE will take place in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, and the current exhibition time has passed halfway. At a press briefing at the 3rd CIIE on November 8, Kong Fuan, Deputy Director of the China International Import Expo Bureau, presented the progress of various works since the opening of the 3rd CIIE. According to its publication, 861 plans of cooperation have been achieved so far at CIIE meetings in the field of large trade and investment.

  Hundreds of new products were launched at CIIE and 861 cooperation goals were achieved

Six exhibition areas and four special areas were set up at the current CIIE. The six exhibition areas include an exhibition area for technical equipment, an exhibition area for food and agricultural products, an exhibition area for medical equipment and healthcare, an exhibition area for trade services, an exhibition area for consumer goods and an exhibition area for cars. Four special areas include public health and epidemic prevention, energy saving and environmental protection, smart travel, sporting goods and competitions.

In terms of exhibitions, the six main exhibition areas and the four main areas each have their own top. Hundreds of new products, new technologies and new services will be the world premiere, the first exhibition in Asia and the first exhibition in China at this CIIE. Among them, the number of global championships was more than half. Among exhibitors from different countries, Japan exhibited the largest number of exhibitors and the United States exhibited the largest total exhibition space. Companies from all over the world are actively involved in the exhibition. Some traveled far and wide and went through many quarrels; some have overcome the impact of the epidemic and have to come to the meeting, even though they have been isolated for many days. This fully shows that companies from all over the world fully recognize the important platform role of the CIIE. Fully optimistic about the huge potential of the Chinese market.

At the same time, countries such as Italy, Portugal, Pakistan, Fiji and Hungary have used the official CIIE website to display their local customs and development investment opportunities online in the form of images and videos, attracting large numbers of non-citizens at home and abroad.

In addition, in order to promote cultural exchanges, 49 cultural performances on public welfare declared on various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities started on 5 days, showing concentrated performances with local characteristics.

In terms of support activities, since 7 November, 82 support activities have taken place in 6 categories, including policy interpretation, dock signing, investment support and research publishing. Major international organizations such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Trade Center and the World Intellectual Property Organization hold many top international forums; The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People’s Bank of China, the State Administration for Market Surveillance and the State Administration for Drugs are independent. Or co-organize support activities for policy interpretation and research and release; in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Gansu, Dalian, etc. There will be more than ten provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to hold purchase meetings, on-site signing meetings, economic and trade exchange meetings, and Miscellaneous Activities such as conferences on the promotion of the business environment and conferences on the pooling of industrial investments have made full use of the positive effects of support activities in promoting exhibition transactions, reciprocal investments, industrial cooperation and cultural exchanges.

In terms of negotiation and signing, the CIIE continued to hold extensive trade and investment meetings. A total of 674 exhibitors and 1351 buyers from 64 countries took part in the online and offline exhibitions and 861 cooperation goals were achieved; 10 investment promotion meetings took place. . As of November 7, it has provided 76 signature service plans for local business groups, central state business groups for business and business groups of the National Health Commission, of which 27 for local business groups, 48 ​​for central business groups for business and national health. At the same time, 6 business negotiation areas were established in the exhibition hall, which provide business facilities and a relatively independent space to facilitate negotiations and transactions and increase the efficiency of docking.

For new product releases, the third CIIE will continue to establish a new product release area to create the “China CIIE Release Platform.” 42 internationally renowned exhibitors are organizing release activities, including 6 consumer exhibition areas, 10 medical exhibition areas and space for services 6. There are 11 exhibition areas for equipment and 9 exhibition areas for food.

  The Fortune 500 and leading industrial companies are becoming CIIE’s “repeat customers”

Although it took place in a special year when the epidemic occurred, this CIIE still has many highlights. Companies from all over the world took an active part and the total exhibition area expanded by almost 30,000 square meters compared to the previous exhibition. The return on Fortune 500 and industry leaders exceeded 70% and the average exhibition area increased compared to the previous exhibition. This fully embodies the charm of CIIE and the attractiveness of the Chinese market for foreign entrepreneurs.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council organized 45 companies to participate in this CIIE, and the total exhibition area increased by 20% compared to the previous CIIE. Zhong Yongxi, chief executive of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in China, told a Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that this is the third year that the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has organized Hong Kong companies to attend the Expo. The sense of benefit to the companies participating in the CIIE is relatively clear, with many companies taking the lead. After the first participation, they asked for permanent participation and some companies asked for the expansion of the exhibition area. “Foot-voting” by companies was enough to reflect the CIIE’s appeal to them.

Zhou Hong, President of Roche Pharmaceuticals China, told reporters that Roche had received very positive feedback during its participation in CIIE over the past two years. CIIE pressed the accelerator key to enter the Chinese market. This year, Roche brought 6 innovative products covering 4 main areas of disease treatment. She said: “We feel that CIIE is a very good window that shows the world that China is actively opening up to the outside world. At the same time, CIIE provides an excellent platform for multinational companies like us and builds a relationship between business and government.” Bridges between businesses, businesses and businesses. “

Mitsubishi Electric is also an “old friend” of CIIE. CEO and General Representative of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. Fuze Kexing told reporters that progress in preventing and controlling the epidemic in China and the rapid economic recovery had recently reached double-digit growth in Mitsubishi Electric’s business in China. The contribution has also improved. The convening of the CIIE is a manifestation of the creation of an open business environment within China’s market opening policy. It is a very meaningful opportunity for foreign companies. Mitsubishi Electric is looking forward to further deepening cooperation with its partners and creating more More opportunities for cooperation.

Beijing News Reporter Gu Zhijuan

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