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Japan iPhone XR really reduces prices, prices are so low that 30% off | Love Fan

Last week, Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal, is gearing up to lower the price of iPhone XR to boost sales by supporting Japanese mobile network operators. Now this price reduction plan has finally come out.

According to the Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo, the Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo has announced that it offers a discount of up to 30% for users who buy the iPhone XR version at 64G for two years, the official price is 84,800 yen (about 5226 RMB) . IPhone XR needs only 25,900 yen (about 1585 RMB) in the new program.

Apple has received such a big subsidy for new machines that are sold in a month, which is not usual in the past. According to the Japanese research firm BCN, sales of iPhone XR in Japan are not as good as iPhone 8 sales, and a large Japanese reseller also said iPhone XR sales over the last three months are lower than the iPhone X in the same period last year. 30%

Many Japanese consumers think that the price of the XR display and the camera is not high and after the implementation of the plan the price reduction of the operator should be improved.

Like in the US, smart phones in Japan are usually shipped with operators' operating plans. In the past, iPhone gained 46.7% of the Japanese market share through a large discount contract machine, the most popular smartphone in Japan.

▲ Apple Store in Shibuya, Tokyo Picture of: Wall Street Journal

In fact, before announcing this price reduction plan, the iPhone XR price in the NTT Docomo two-year contract package requires only 36,000 yen (roughly 2200 RMB). This fall in prices can be said to make iPhone XR Japan the most "Price / performance ratio of the phone.

It is unclear whether Japanese two other major mobile operators, KDDI and Softbank, will also lower prices, but a sharp fall in NTT Docomo prices has already attracted a dispute. The meeting of experts from the Ministry of Interior and Communications of Japan issued yesterday an urgent proposal stating that such excessive discounts would distort competition in the market and require that the telecommunication services providers completely separate preferential call costs from the cost of purchases.

However, there is a multi-point distribution of interests. Mobile phone manufacturers and Japanese operators Apple and other operators are not necessarily willing to compromise. For consumers, this discount is of course popular.

Japan has always been the cheapest country to buy an iPhone outside the US, and the chateau version is simply the "price of cabbage". Many consumers are going to return to China with the Japanese iPhone XR.

▲ Blocked version on the iPhone X e-commerce platform.

However, it should be noted that this price reduction is a contractual machine provided by an operator, also known as the "Japanese version of the lock". For the Japanese version of the iPhone XR contract device, since it uses the grant provider concession, it can use the operator service and can not be used in China. Even if it is unblocked using self-adhesive labels, there are still many risks and you can not enjoy this country. Warranty service of the national union.

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