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Original name: Jin Yong funeral ceremony

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong November 12 (Reporter Ding Wei) Famous writer Jin Yong died in Hong Kong on October 30 at the age of 94. His funeral took place in the Hong Kong Funeral Home 12. In order to make it easier for the public to finally say goodbye to Jin Yong, "Jinyong Pavilion" at the Hong Kong Culture Museum created a slogan from 12th to 30th. There were hundreds of readers and citizens in twelfth place.


On the same day, the Hong Kong Funeral Authority in North Point organized a private funeral for Jin Yong. At the wish of Jin Yong before his death, the funeral took place in private and there was no public sacrifice. Besides the funeral, they were full of funeral wreaths and flower baskets sent by the parties. Other former friends of Jin Yong Xu Anhua, Zhang Jizhong and Ali MaBa, Ma Yun, were present on the scene to see him.

According to the staff of the burial hall, the hall is predominantly white and the flowers are on both sides. The outside picture of Jin Yonga was covered with white flowers and was made in the shape of a heart. The top of the photograph was placed on the "all people" label, and the pair on both sides wrote: "Flying snow shot a white deer, laughing in the book and leaning on the tourmaline.

In addition to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin, where Jinyong Pavilion is located, there are many portraits of Jin Yong's novels, carefully prepared by the museum. That day, many people stopped to take pictures of them.

"The Jin Yong Book grew up with me." When a television series in the 1980s was broadcasting the Jin Yong drama, the whole house heard a dark song of the same episode. Mr. Yao said with a slight sadness.

Mr. Yao deliberately took the day off and came to Sha Tina from Kowloon to send Jin Yong the last leg. The public opening hours of the condolence were from 16.00 to 18.00 and came to the front at 1:30. Along with him there are many Jin Yong fans in Hong Kong, on land and overseas.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, more than 100 people met outside the "Jinyong Hall" to wait for the admission. There are still many readers and the team becomes longer and longer. About 4 hours, the team surrounded the small circle around the Hong Kong Cultural Museum.

"Jin Yong is my fellow, though we have not seen, but I think he's our good teacher and friend." "Wang of Haining, Zhejiang Province, Li Zhong told reporters.

Wang Lizhong originally came from Zhejiang and brought a collection of his own newspapers that recorded valuable Haining Jin Yong's photos six times. In 2015, Wang Lizhong founded "Global Jin Yong Fan Ying Ying Hui" in Haining and repeatedly called "Jin Yong Fan" from the world to Haining to celebrate the spirit of knighthood by Jin Yong.

Mr. Luo, the 80-year-old Jin Yong Fan, who came to Hong Kong from Malaysia, bought two of his favorite novels "The Condor Heroes" and "Lu Ding Ji" at the Cultural Museum's book and wanted to return to Malaysia a lasting memory. . "The classic characters depicted in the work of Jin Yong's martial arts are deeply rooted in the hearts of people, Jin Yong is a very rare martial arts novel.

On Thursday, the condolences were open to the public. Console background is a huge poster called Jin Yong's twelve novels on the top and classical characters at the bottom. In front of the background there are many long tables covered with white canvas, with white flowers, photo frames and three books on the table. People enter the market in a proper manner under the leadership of employees and the report is a condolences.

Upon departure, each person receives a commemorative book with a gray cover and six characters "Break and Lay Down" and bears the signature of Jin Yong. The memorial book consists of 27 pages, the life of Jin Yong, famous quotes from various novels, photographs of his everyday life with his family, and novel manuscripts.

Congratulations for joining Jinyong Hall, and the pavilion of that day is still crowded. This permanent pavilion introduces early Jin Yong careers, the creation of martial arts novels and the influence of novels on Hong Kong pop culture through more than 300 exhibits. It also includes many interactive exhibits, such as Jin Yong classical films, TV series, and motif songs to help people understand. Historical and cultural connotations of Jin Yong's work.

The report on the walls in "Jinyong Pavilion" is covered with stickers that the readers leave behind. Many readers here write their wishes and mourn their sadness: "You have made me young and drunk, you will always live in my heart." Rivers and lakes, Chinese language knows Jin Yong, "golden candle candles candlelight, Chinese martial arts, martial arts sentiment is fascinating."

Due to the large number of messages and the spatial part of the message wall are limited, some areas are covered with several layers of stickers. Human love for Jin Yong is regardless of age and irrelevance. From the point of view of the manuscript, some are tender, some mature, some simplified, some traditional.

Jin Yong said in his preface to "Jinyong Pavilion": "All of my stuff is given by Hong Kong. I am grateful to Hong Kong and I think Hong Kong is my second home, take good care of it and try to reward it. many Jin Yong fans stop and hang Jin Yong.

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