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Kobe is angry with the book and the book runs off. Why are you talking about a hot search now? – Careful information

Orlico player Jeremy Lin today took pictures of the new Lakers book "Mamba Spirit" and wrote: "Thank you @KobeBryant for sending this new book to me!"

Jeremy Lin thanked Kobe for giving the book

"Mamba Spirit" is Kobe's autobiography, which personally tells and writes and develops the spirit of Mamba. Since the release in October this year, sales have been very popular, while the Chinese version is produced by Tencent Sports and Tencent Sports Basketball is translated by Huang Wei. It is reported that a book in the hands of Jeremy Lin was sent to him by the Kobe team.

Subsequently, "Jin Shuhao Kobe" also embarked on a hot search for Weibo and became a hot topic in the social media.

Why are Jeremy Lin and Kobe in a hot search? I'm afraid I'll start from the hatred of two people –

Jeremy Lin scored 38 points against Kobe and the Lakers

You know, the last culmination of Jeremy Lin's career is the classic Knicks match against the Lakers on February 11, 2012. At that time, the mad swirl of Lina spread to the league. Before the report, the reporter asked Kobe's opinion on Jeremy Line. "Kobe looked puzzled," I do not know who Jeremy Lin is? "

Jeremy Lin is obviously irritated by Kobe's attitude: "I hear he's very angry, so I asked," I'm very aggressive, I have to shoot. " In this game he played 38 minutes and reached 13 of 23 shots. With 7 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals, the Knicks led to defeat Kobe Bryant's Lakers, won 4 consecutive victories, Kobe's 34 points in front of Jeremy Lin looked gloomy.

After the match, good reporter Kobe interviewed by Jeremy Lin, Kobe was angry and angry: "Has XX score 38 points, what else can I say?"

After each and every time against Lakers, Jeremy Lin has always made a special effort. In the summer of 2014, the story made a small turn. The Lakers agreed with Rockets and signed Jeremy Lin. But what I did not expect was that Jeremy Lin's way to Los Angeles was much more difficult than expected, and eventually it ended up madly.

Jeremy Lin and Kobe later became a teammate

Jeremy Lin became the primary guard of the first 20 games of the season. The Lakers record was a mess, only 5 victories and 15 losses, which made Lakers's honeymoon come to an end and Jeremy Lin was immediately replaced by a substitute. His relationship with Kobe Team Leader has always been very subtle.

At the last moment of the match against Grizzliesi on November 11, 2014, the Lakers took three points, Lin Shuhao dribbled the ball in half. Kobe Bryant asked Jeremy Lin to slow the ball and passed the ball to the last attack, but Jeremy Lin But the ball was crushed by Jordan Hill, Hill left a shooter, Grizzlies turned and Randolph scored another goal to put the victory, Kobe Bryant on the bench against Jeremy Lin is a blast of madness.

Additionally, on November 23 home game Lakers against Nuggets, the Lakers lead one point at the last minute, Jeremy Lin gave Nuggets penalties in defensive foul, Nuggets made 2 free throws, bringing the game to overtime. Kobe's performance at Jeremy Lin was so hot he even welcomed: "You give me XX!" Kobe's explosion caused the atmosphere to be very embarrassing.

Kobe is unhappy with Jeremy Lin

What was most interesting to me was the game between the Lakers and the Grizzlies on January 2, 2015. It was also the last moment of the game when Grizzlies slowed down the lead and Kobe Bryant shouted at Jeremy Lin and left him a foul. It seems I did not even realize it. Eventually Kobe used a foul and let the game stop. After Kobe's error, he shook his head. According to Lakers Byron, Scott was the last straw to overcome Kobe and Jeremy Lin.

Kobe's severity towards his teammates is well known in the league, and he can even describe it, and Jeremy Lin does not go to this set. "In the interview he said that Kobe should not marry a teammate, he dared openly invite the head of the team in the media, in fact, he also cut his own back in the Lakers, since there has been no crash in the situation." In the summer vacation in 2015, Jeremy Lin said goodbye to the Lakers and went over to Hornets, and after he had arrived in Hornet, he lamented: "I was breathing fresh air at last!"

Jeremy Lin leaves the Lakers

However, in the nightmare of the 2014-15 season, Jeremy Lin did not get anything, played on the side of Kobe and learned a lot. "I remember being very detailed when trained, his leg training and strength training were very detailed, he knew how to protect his body and pay attention to detail." Lin Shuhao said. "Every time we finish the game on a plane, Kobe watches the video on her computer, usually as a player sleeps on a plane, listens to music, plays cards and watches video, and I watch video games at the end of each game."

Jeremy Lin and Kobe

When Kobe left the NBA, his story ended with Jeremy Lin in the field. This time Kobe took the initiative and sent a book to Jeremy Lin, and Lin Shuhao gave a book about Weibo, which is a smile gift. To leave the past, the story between Kobe and Jeremy Lin has to open a new chapter.

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