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Lilac Garden Responds to the Sale of "High Insoles Prices": Department of Medical Facilities Prices for Service Fee | Medical equipment Insole. | Clove Garden_Sina News

Original name: Lilac Garden responded by selling "high-value inserts": health care facilities Prices for the service

By the end of 2018, the Garden Garden published an article from a media public clinic quoted by Quan Jian and the products it sold, raising public concern.

On January 11, a clean article noted that although the cost of the "bone" insole for the Liyuan Garden is a high price, the "orthopedic insole" sold by the Lilac Garden Avalanche Clinic is awarded the RMB 1980. The cost of the medical insole is nearly twice as high. According to the article, the castle garden invaded the right to obtain a larger market for its own products.

Responding to this, the public relations officer at the Lily Garden responded to reporter Beijing News on January 12 that the flower garden is a private health facility and the cost of an orthopedic pad includes a service charge for follow-up of the product. In addition, the "orthopedic insole" is not an insole, it is a nationally qualified medical device. The product was launched in the first half of 2018. For an electrical attack system for its own products, the employee said "nonsense".

The image shows an orthopedic insole. Weibo screenshot

Net text refers to a nail garden that attacks the right health system for its own products

On December 25, 2018, Dr. Clove article "Ten Thousand Health Empires and Chinese Family in the Shade". The article questioned the cost of the "bone base" of the Quanjian products.

The recently released WeChat number called "Walking and Singing" published an article entitled "We all know that the lila garden will grow fangs, but I did not expect it to be so fast," the online sale of the clinic lilac under the clove garden. "Orthopedic insoles" questioned.

According to the article, lila garden about Quan Jianyi, one concern is "high price", that is, the "bone base" insole is the price of 1068 yuan. The insole has a discount at the time of sale, and the purchase price is about seven or eight hundred. The Lilac Garden owned by Lilac Garden also sells an on-line "orthopedic insole", which is also expensive, for $ 1980, which is almost double the purchase price of the Quanza inserts. The article is convinced that the attack on cloves is to ensure that their products gain more market space.

The website also featured a report previously reported by Lilac Garden. In September 2018, the Xinhua news agency reported that the cost of the insolation patch for the remedy sold to Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital was 2,650 yuan, but the contractor was dispatched The price is only 260 yuan. This suggests that the insole sold by the egg garden can be sold at a high price, but it is not blaming others.

On 12 January, Beijing News reporter did not search for an insole at the lila clinic platform.

Cactus Clinic (Hangzhou Binjiang Store) official website screenshot

Answer: "Orthopedic insoles" is a fully qualified medical facility

On January 12, Lilac Garden's public relations staff told the Beijing News reporter that the "orthopedic footbed" in the text is not a footbed. It is a medical external fixation support and belongs to a nationwide first-class medical facility.

The employee said that "orthopedic inserts" sold in the cloves garden were not sold to the population. The former spa clinic only showed the product and the display price was not a single product price. The specific prize will be based on a medical assessment and measurement and the price will be calculated after reading the points. Therefore, the product may only be adapted after an evaluation by the physician before use. "The price is not fixed for 1980 yuan."

According to a document sent to Beijing News reporter from Lilac Garden, the product uses 100% EVA (a copolymer of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer), professionally designed own insoles that are better suited for the illness. Purchase of orthopedic insoles should be evaluated in the clinic, otherwise the insole can not be adapted to the user's condition. According to the individual condition of the foot, it evaluates the development of 360 degrees of legs and legs (including scoliosis screening, walking analysis, pelvic function, biomechanical analysis of lower limbs, arc development evaluation and fetal pressure test). Individual bedding for individual foot conditions, an expert service for individual tracking helps improve treatment. Although a remote initial evaluation can be performed, Remote Evaluation can not retrieve own flake data.

If the "bone basal" sockliner and insole from Jiangsu Hospital are "highly prized", is the "orthopedic insole" of the cloves garden at a similar price also part of the "high price of the insole"? In this regard, the staff did not respond directly, but stated that the clinic's lilac is a private medical facility that does not have financial subsidies and tax incentives for public hospitals. Private health care establishments complement public health institutes and clinical clinics represent the professional value of physicians, which mainly include post-service fees.

The employee said that the cost of "orthopedic inserts" is floating, as well as brackets. "The materials and supplies are different and the price is also high, and when using an orthopedic pad, you get to the clinic to see how the situation is adjusted."

Employees stated that the manufacturer of "orthopedic insoles" has a complete qualification for the manufacture of medical devices, and that various papers at the clinic lila platform are also complete and can sell related products.

In response to the on-line "force attack, that's for the entry of their products", employees said it was "nonsense".

Screenshot from Hangzhou City's top physician for publishing information

Follow-up: This product has been submitted to the appropriate department

It is understood that the state is introducing a production archiving system for the class of medical devices.

Employees of the aforementioned clove garden public relations department provided production qualification for the production of "Beijing Orthopedic Insoles" medical facilities to Beijing News reporter, namely Zhejiang Hangfang Record No. 20180125. On January 12, Beijing News reported on a Hangzhou official website Market Supervision, which confirmed the existence of a record number. The product name was an external fixed medical device. Official website information indicates that this product is published in Hangzhou's first-class healthcare facility and is produced by Hangzhou Foot Science Technology Co., Ltd.

The reporter search has found that Hangzhou Foot Science is a medical science and technology company specializing in human biomechanics.

Fan Jingyi, deputy director of the orthopedic surgery at the Beijing Children's Hospital, told reporters that a real orthopedic footbed must be diagnosed by a doctor, and professional orthopedic device manufacturers can pedal and mechanically analyze plantar force and then perform personalized production. The insole sold by Quanjian is not a remedy, there is no individual design, and there is no legal procedure for repairing the appliance. It is not comparable to the orthopedic insert.

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