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No Traffic Star, Big Productions "Unknown Generation" Causes Audience Discomfort – Entertainment News

No traffic star, big production, but box "counterattack"

"Thelessless Generation"

Let the audience feel embarrassed

In the almost half-year screening process, the "Thelessless Generation" film, describing a small person, perfectly accomplished a miraculous "reverse attack," from the first day of the box office of 9 million yuan to the current 400 million yuan cash box breakout, repelled "Magic Game: Grindelwald's Crime" , "Invincible Destruction King" and "Poison" from Yu Wei and other big movies in the same type of film are a real boxing miracle.

Director: Rao Xiaozhi, Chen Jianbin, Ren Suzhen, Mr. Binlong, Zhang Yu played without a traffic star, big production, big IP, as part of the "Clip Attack" of a Hollywood blockbuster, but with good word and marketing propaganda, According to insiders, the film reaches a box of 600 million +.

Grounding the story

The story of a little man resonates

The film is divided into three-line narrations that tell a few ominous robbers, a lone security guard and a physically disabled but wild language of six "unknown generations" for a lost old weapon and a Tyran robbery that took place in the city, the fate of everybody was twisted by mistakes, and the sensual comedy scene was introduced.

The film focuses on small people in the city and separates the outer layers of every character that reveal the reality of small people. This group of people is not perfect, but there is blood and body.

The highlight of the film is to understand the inner core of the emotional group and the principle of doing things through a group of small people. Whether it's rural to town, or the difference between parents and the children of a single-parent family, the film points to the real life problem, but the story is sad, the three opinions are very positive, and ultimately a group of their own troubles. The little man regained dignity in society and let the audience touch the most sad part of the heart when they left the theater. They are heard, poisoned, laugh, and move.

Proponents analyzed that the story of natural gas, the vivid image of a small group of people, eventually evoked the heart of "no-frills generation" in reality.

The actor has the power

Ren Suzhen's performance "Life is incomprehensible"

The film is particularly prominent in the performances and most affects Ma Jiaqi played by Ren Suzhen. Due to his brother's mistakes in the past, Ma Jiaqi was paralyzed at a high level and could use only five senses to perceive the world. The injustice of life is also full of the attitude of the world, and the words that are often called are extremely harsh. Because of his glory in "Chunde Water," Ren Suzhen, who has recently performed successfully in "I am an actor," has lived through this layer and the acting has been confirmed again.

The most exciting scene in the movie comes from two "stupid thieves" who have come to Ma Jiaqi's home. Unlike other people, Ma Jiaqi is not afraid of a terrible entry into a thief home, and many reactions are very quiet. Not only is she not surprised under her neck but still can capture two great men at home and even ask them to kill themselves. Three people come and go, the dialogue is full of black humor, full of cheerful but interesting.

Chen Jianbin demonstrated the skill of old toys. The security guard he'd been playing attempted to perform, even with a hint of scent, and played a small person trying to find a social identity. Zhang Yu, who was well-known this year, also brought surprises to the audience.

In 2016, director Rao Xiaozhi received a good reputation with the film debut "Good day, mad", but the cash desk was not satisfactory. Although the director of drama is the newcomer of the film circle, he has had a lot of experience in the dramaturgy industry, he made his film, though not so commercial, the story is firmer. Compared to "Hello, Madman", "Thelessless Generation" has made much progress in the audiovisual language. Not only did he successfully attack intricate multi-line narratives, the logic of the story is clear, but also under the experience of the dramatic industry, let them be an actor. The performance of the show was very good and eventually let the audience see a very exciting performance.

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