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Stormy and spectacular epic – Chinese miracle of 40 years of reform and opening – Xinhua Net

(Xinhua all subtitles, 40-year series of reviews and interaction of pictures and texts) (1) Storm and spectacular epics: Chinese miracle of 40 years of reform and opening


Visitors watched the local water show in the Wuzhen Scenic Area, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang province, and felt the beauty of spring in the Jiangnan water village (April 1).Xinhua News Agency Xu Weishe

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, Dec. 8Title: Wind and rain, a magnificent epic: A view of the Chinese miracle of 40 years of reform and opening

Xinhua News Agency Han Jie, Chen Yuwei, Tan Xiaoxiao, Ye Qian

Deep view of the deep 40-year time shift is not meaningful.

On December 18, 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party took place, opening the draft for the great path of Chinese reform and opening.

(Xinhua All Titles, 40 Years Series of Reviews and Interaction of Images and Texts) (2) Epic Poems - The Miracle of China from 40 Years of Reform and Opening


Chen Huacheng (left), an 80-year-old villager from Zizhu village, Makeng Township, Zhouning County, Ningde City, Fujian province, is looking at the growth of Dendrobium candidum (photo taken on August 5). Collaboration on the benefits of natural resources encourages local farmers to develop forests and help poor households to get rid of poverty. Xinhua News Agency Wei Peiquan Photography

After 40 years of hard work and hard work for 40 years, Chinese people have written a magnificent epic of national and national development in the history of human development with hard work and sweat.

"China's reforms will not stop and the opening will not stop, China will surely have a new and greater miracle that will make the world look at it!" This is a strong statement by the Chinese people to continue writing Chinese miracles for the future.

He enters forward and writes an oriental miracle on the world stage

September 26, 2018 was an unforgettable 53-year-old farmer Li Liqin from Lujia village, Dipu Street, Anji District, Zhejiang Province.

On that day, as a representative of more than 18 million farmers in Zhejiang province, she witnessed the United Nations' "Golden Guardian Award" for the project "Thousands of Villages Demonstration and Renovation of Wancun" in Zhejiang Province.

(Xinhua all subtitles, 40-year series of reviews and interaction of pictures and texts) (3) Epic Poems - The Miracle of China from 40 Years of Reform and Opening


The first C919 large aircraft developed independently in China was officially launched at the China Commercial Aircraft Corporation's Core Production Center (photo from November 2, 2015). Xinhua News Agency (photo Xin Xin)

"We are builders and recipients." Li Liqin, who stands on the UN platform, proudly conveyed to the world that once he became a poor and backward, dirty and poor hometown after 15 years of beautification, the Village is a beautiful village in a picturesque area.

The story of Zhejiang's countryside, full of earthy scents, is the mirror of China's agricultural and rural reform and development that reflects the tide of China's transformation over the last 40 years of reform and opening.

In the late eighties, when the American scholar Fukuyama presented "the final conclusion of history," he would think that China is not only an endless history but has created a miracle of history.

From 1.8% to 15%, China's global economic growth has grown over the past 40 years, with an average annual economic growth of 9.5%, much higher than the average annual growth rate in the world economy of 2.9% ; The contribution rate exceeds 30%, which exceeds the amount of the US, Europe and Japan;

From 97.5% to 3.1%, there is a decline in rural poverty in China over the last 40 years. The number of poor in the country decreased by 740 million, contributing to a global poverty reduction of more than 70%, disposable income per capita increased by 22.8 times. Revenue countries have entered middle-income countries …

One liter and one drop are the eastern miracles in which the great earth stood up, grew rich and strengthened.

Why is China? Why is China?

"Without the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, it is impossible to imagine that China can achieve such success." He commented Russian "independent".

In December 2012, Shenzhen Lotus Peak, Secretary General Xi Jinping is the first field visit after the 18th National Congress, ceremonially declared here:

"We will continue to push forward reforms and open, strive to support new progress in reform, opening up and modernizing, achieving new breakthroughs, and taking a new step."

Thirty years ago, the Communist Party of China made a historic choice for reform and opening. The north and south Yangtze River has grown, and socialism with Chinese characteristics has been full of vitality.

From the southern tour of Deng Xiaoping at the 14th National Congress, the party unambiguously stated that it wanted to reform the socialist market economy system and then joined the World Trade Organization … At a critical moment the Chinese Communist Party was always visible and guided, political determination and strategic determination.

Six years ago, the Central Committee of the Party with Comrade Xi Jinping, as a nucleus, made a clear statement about the great goal of implementing a great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of the Chinese people. The dream of building a dream has become a very lively melody on the path of reform, and the opening and reform of various disciplines has been shifted to full deepening.

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Resident Huang Yuying showed pictures of old houses before relocation (photo taken on November 14) in the village of Yaozhai New Village Guying Town, a community for poverty alleviation in the Yellow River Beach area of ​​Lankao, Henan. Xinhua News Agency Feng Dapeng photo

Decided to open, Chinese roads are becoming wider and wider

Africa, the continent with the most concentrated developing countries. In this fertile land of hope, more than one billion African people work to realize the African dream that generations are trying to do.

Congo (Brazzaville) President Sassou visited China many times and was many times in Shenzhen. It witnesses the wonderful reversal of the "first window" of the Chinese reform and its opening from the fishing village to the modern city.

Sassou wants to know how a socialist country can maximize the role of the market and create an economic miracle that is amazing in the world.

Looking back at the 40 year old sea is the answer.

The key to reform and opening is the revitalization of socialism with Chinese characteristics –

In the spring of 2006, the Great Hall of People in Beijing.

In discussing the country's new five-year development plan, NPC members were surprised to find that the word "plan" was not found in the document, instead of being replaced by a "plan".

From planning to planning, the expression of a change in the precise location of medium and long term planning functions under the conditions of a socialist market economy is a living example of major changes in China's economic and social development.

"When China prepared plans for the next generation, all our plans were for the next election." The Nobel Prize in Economics and the American economist Engel felt so much.

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This is the scene of the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, which was shot on March 26 (shooting unmanned air vehicles). Xinhua News Agency reporter Mao Siqian

When China combines the planned economy and the market economy creatively, the whole of society infinitely creates creative vitality, and the path to socialism with Chinese characteristics has become wider and wider.

Over the past 40 years, the number of players in the Chinese market has increased from less than 500,000 to more than 100 million, an increase of over 200. The number of private enterprises in the country exceeded 27 million by the end of 2017, the overall manufacturing industry has been for many years ranked first in the world. The period of shortage of commodities and the delivery of vouchers is gone …

Proper management of the new concept of development has enabled China to inspire enthusiasm forward –

From "100 Years of Coal City" to "Sponge City," Pingxiang, a resource-rich city, is trying to change.

On December 2, Pingxiang City witnessed the signing of 22 mushroom projects. Today, more than 100 companies are associated with the sponge industry and the black and careless lake is being replaced by an environmentally friendly environment for water purification.

The beautiful transformation of Pingxiang reflects changes in China under the direction of a new concept of development.

Over the last 40 years, the development philosophy and development ideas of each party have been innovative and perfect, from an "effective element" to scientific development, comprehensive and coordinated sustainable development, to a new developmental concept of "innovation, coordination, greenery, openness and sharing". Both sides have shifted China to make new progress in development.

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In Shangshu Village, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, several college graduates are discussing plans for their homestay and farming companies (photo taken on November 17). After the fifteen-year decoration, the Anji landscape, once poor, backward and dirty, has become a beautiful village with "garden openings and the whole village is a picturesque place." Xinhua News Agency reporter Tan Jinshe

Activating the struggle and enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of people and gathering the majestic power of China to realize their dreams –

Exhibition Hall of Reform and the opening of Xiangyang City, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, has a constant flow of visitors.

In 1980, Xiangyang Town was the first country to take the "People's Commune" brand and was recognized as the "First Town for Rural Reform".

After the reform, the cereal yield of the city of Xiangyang was fast growing and businesses in the cities flourished. Today Xiangyang people create dreams in a comprehensive reform of urban and rural integration and development.

"Our great developmental achievements are created by people and should be shared by people." In the New Year report 2018, Secretary-General Xi Jinping eloquently proclaimed the supremacy of the people.

Western media's assessment believes that China has been following human orientation, reforming for people since 1978, reforming people and becoming a model for global development.

From food and drink to improving education, more stable work, more satisfying income and more secure social security … Yang Weimin, Deputy Director of the National Committee of the National Committee of China's People's Political Consultative Conference, said that to seize the needs of the masses and respect the initiative of the people, to reform.

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Employees were inspected at the Hengli Group Chemical Fiber Intelligent Reinforcement Workshop in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province (photo October 31). Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bos

Go ahead and continue writing about the new developmental miracle of China

In 1978, when Deng Xiaoping visited Japan at a distance of 210 kilometers, he felt: he felt quick and it made sense to get people to run.

Forty years later, the "Revival" train traveled north and south of the country, at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

Since the reform and opening up, the national revival has taken place.

It is a new historical starting point, the outside world is paying more and more attention to China's development trend.

"The Chinese economy is an arch in its modern history." Economist Stephen Roach noted that the bigger challenge is to look forward to the ideal goal of 2050 and the Chinese "New Era".

By 2020, a rich society will be built in full, less than three years, until 2050 there will be only more than 30 years of comprehensive socialist modernization.

Faced with a major change over the past 100 years, the goal of a hundred years of dreams, "is not easy to achieve, it can be achieved by tapping drums."

Write new achievements, continue writing new miracles, and advance the logic of historical progress –

Company development has always been spiraling amidst the changes and advances in the opposing movement.

(Xinhua all subtitles, 40-year series of reviews and interaction of pictures and texts) (7) Epic Poems - The Miracle of China from 40 Years of Reform and Opening


This is the Beijing Hyundai Zhangzhou Body Production Line, which was shot on April 21 in Luzhou, Hebei Province. Xinhua Yu Yushe news agency report

Compared to forty years ago, there are fewer problems with food and clothing and lack. However, there is more diversification of interests and concepts, as well as further deep water reforms and "transitional difficulties".

Social development does not exist and reform and opening are not limited.

The system and mechanism of urban and rural development, talent system, financial and tax financial system, revenue sharing system and state-owned enterprises … have reached a new historical moment. The complexity, sensitivity and persistence of the reform are at least 40 years ago.

Action is the strongest answer.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party presented 158 reform measures that directly explored the "deepest deep water" and "toughest and most harsh". The complex deepening of the momentum of the reform is higher than the wave and the wind and the water grow and the hooves are stable.

Write new achievements, continue writing new miracles, and develop in the development of times –

In order to understand the theme of times and to answer the questions of times, we can use the tendency of the time.

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C2001 "Revival" Chinese standard EMU from Beijing Nankai to Tianjin entered the city of Tianjin (photo taken on August 21, 2017). Xinhua News Agency (photo by Yang Baosen)


It stands at the crossroads of globalization, trade protectionism, populism, isolationism, unilateralism, and so on. Where is China?

At the annual conference in 2018 in the Asian Forum, the opening door of China will only be opened to a wider open. The Guangdong trip highlights the constant deepening of the reform and opening.

Since the beginning of this year, Secretary-General Xi Jinping has issued a number of important speeches on various occasions and has issued a strong signal of reform and opening up in the new era.

Pierre Picard, an expert on China's problems at the University of Paris in France, said that no difficulty would disturb China's sustainability in the pace of reform and opening up. China's courage to persevere in the reform is evolving.

In Li Ziwen, China's first Chinese ambassador to China, China, deepening reform and opening up and promoting global free trade will bring dividends to more countries. "China's influence in the world is steadily rising, China is now a protagonist and also a future."

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