The reporter broke the news that LeBron James and senior coach Luke Walton Lakers are suspected of being inconsistent.

The Los Angeles Lakers, now ranked seventh in the NBA West Division, became the most intelligent team after entering the first LeBron James league this season. Unfortunately, the performance of the season has hit and still has to run. It's time to wait. ESPN recently said Brian Windhorst often ignored the tactics of Luke Walton's coach during a misdemeanor. Even if LeBron James saw it, he would still have to play his own ideas, but he could not help Luke Walton.

The scouts also noticed that when James runs the point, he can look at the bench to get play from coach Luke Walton. Even when he saw them, the Boy Scouts say, ignores them and controls the game they prefer. He made it right now, and when James runs a show, Walton usually just lets him call the game. That should probably not be considered as tiny – James is James.

In the past, many media have been discussing whether Luke Walton and LeBron James can cope, because these two are in fact only 5 years, as well as the 2003 players and the one LeBron James is always waiting for differs. Many people also consider the relationship between the two as a key to the success of a big team.

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