The solution to the solution, with the exception of the Evergrande mortgage loan, was again released from the sale of short sales FF Jia Yueting – Industry – 21CN

  1. To solve the problem, the Evergrande Assets mortgage was released again. Jia Yueting's short-term FF plot was defeated – Industry 21CN
  2. Faraday announced in the future that he is "preparing a book" in the future. New funding is not yet available.
  3. FF China Employees: Evergrande Takes Over FF China – News cnBeta
  4. The Evergrande Exposition fully took over FF in China, Foxconn was confirmed to release US staff, Weibo confirmed the acquisition of live broadcast Lei Feng Morning Post Leiphone
  5. Jia Yueting Hengzhong Bureau Central Bureau: Two parties invaded to continue Nansha's new energy project stuck
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