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On November 17th, the 55th Golden Horse and Red Carpet Awards took place in Taipei. Gong Li will be the chairman of the Jury of Golden Horses. Zhang Yimou "Shadow" won four awards including Best Director and Best Visual Effects Award. Xu Wei and Deng Chao compete for the emperor, Sun Hao, Zhou Xun and Zhao Tao.

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This weekend, the 55th Golden Horse Award, held in Taipei, will take place in Taipei. The stellar and surprised, award-winning set will bring fans a desire for them. That night, Li An, Gong Li, Liu Dehua, Liu Jialing, Zhang Zhen, Hu Ge, Zhang Yimou, Deng Chao, Zhang Zifeng, Zhou Xun, Zhang Zifeng, Peng Yuchang, Zhao Tao, Wen Muye, Xu Wei, Zhang Yu, the filmmakers will be unveiled and the subsequent award ceremony will officially announce a strong price competition.

The 55th Golden Horse Award is currently awarded: Zhang Yimou "Shadow" has just won the Golden Horse award, and Zhang Yimou won the Best Director Award!from

The film also won Best Visual Effects, Best Design Award and Best Art Design Award. Zhang Yimou said on the scene, "I did not expect to have filmed so many films, this is the first time I've named Best Golden Horse Director, I thank the judges for giving me this award." The Chinese director's legacy, young directors, who are nominated for the first time as me, thanks to creative staff and team actors, thanks to the production company and my family. "

The 55th Golden Horse Award at Best Director's Best Price was presented to director Wen Muye, "I Am Not the Drug God." Wen Muye, who first thanked the feature film, thanked Xu Wei and Ning Hao for their supervision. "They've always been my teacher" and said, "I'm trying to keep the seniors disappointed!" "I'm not a drug god" and won the night. The best award for the original script. Director Dapeng received the award for the best opportunity for a short film called "Auspicious". On the stage he said, "I am an ordinary person, I hope this trophy will give ordinary people power."

Late director Hu Bo "Elephant Sitting on the Sea" received the best adaptation of the script award. Mother Hu Bo won a prize award, which she thanked the judges, thanked the audience, thanked everyone, and Hu Mama cried on the stage. Speech, this situation is very embarrassing.

"Evil is not urgent" He Wei, Gu Yujian and Yan Hua were awarded the Best Action Design Award. "Last Night of the Earth" Li Danfeng and Si Zhonglin received the Best Sound Award, and the Best Picture Award was awarded to the film.

The most popular film on Taiwanese film is "Who Loves Him First", which is selected for 8 nominations, including Best Feature Films, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best New Director, Best New Cast, Best Original Scripts, Best Editing, Best Original Songs .

Gong Li Zhou Xun Sun Yi Zhao Tao Red Carpet Fights

Liu Dehua is the final debut "Shadow" Crew "Pharmaceutical God" revealed

At the red carpet ceremony, director Zhang Yima headed the debut of Deng Chao and Sun Wei. Deng Chao openly said: "When shooting" Shadow "is the biggest challenge against Sun Hao because there are substitutes in the game, and there are substitutes so the relationship is more difficult." Sun Wei said: "The Golden Horse Award Finalist is a kind of Encourage, he is already very happy."
Zhou Xun, who was nominated for the best actress, was very popular in the red carpet. He talked about Iwai Shunji's collaboration director in "Hey, China" and said, "I'm very lucky to meet this drama."
As the chairman of the 55th Jury of Golden Horses, Gong Li appeared on the red carpet and said, "The competition for this year's finalists is very intense, we have a lot of ideas, but the reviews are very smooth as a big family."
Jin Ma Yingdi's finale, Liu Dehua, appeared on the red carpet and remembered: "At the time, for the first time in 1987, I came to the Golden Horse award, at that time I was shaking hands, this time I feel very happy and the Golden Horse Award is very lucky Movie. "
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The 55th Golden Horse award is a complete nomination list

Best director

The best actor

Best Supporting Actress

The best motion proposal

Best artistic design

Best design

The best visual effect

Best animated feature film

Best adjustments

The best sound

The best original movie song

The Best Short Film Story

"Promising" Dapeng

Best animated short film

"When Man"

Taiwan's excellent filmmaker of the year


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