Alfonso Ortiz, a prominent Colombian actor, died – People – Culture

A few days ago, actor Alfonso Ortiz was known to have suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized in Bogota at a Colombian clinic, where he was admitted on November 6.

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On the night of November 12, he learned that he had died, after a difficult battle at the medical center.

Several actors and entertainment personalities remembered this and gave support to their families.

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“Have a nice trip, darling,” Actor Santiago Alarcón wrote after his publication on his Twitter account.

“It is with great sadness that I receive the news of the departure of the great Alfonso Ortiz. An extremely loving, generous and talented man who has deeply affected the lives of many people I know. Good trip, sir. A great hug for your loved ones and family“Actress Carolina Guerra also wrote.

However, the Colombian Association of Actors also mourned the loss. “Today we say goodbye to our teacher, colleague and great friend”, stressed the institution

In his life, Ortiz was widely acclaimed for his roles in productions such as “La hija del mariachi”, “Chepe fortuna”, “Los Reyes”, “Las detectivas y el Víctor” and “De dort a cabeza”.

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Also, He was also recognized as a talented film and theater actor. He has participated in well-known Colombian films such as “La Vorágine” (1990) and “Losing es question of method” (2004).


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