an application that famous people use to edit their Instagram stories

This app has become very popular thanks to its versatility when editing photos for Instagram stories.

Since Instagram added the possibility of stories that allows you to upload photos with a 24-hour duration, the app remodeling the network. This has added more than 300 million active users, according to data shared by companies last year.

New ways of innovation, however, always arise. In this case, an application has appeared that will allow you to have stories about Instagram original and minimalist. It's called it Expand and already has more than 11 million users. Its growth rate is up to 100 downloads per day. According to the young makers of the request, Alfonso Cobo and Andy McCune, this year has reached 2.3 million dollars. It all happened in just ten months.

What? Expand It offers its users various templates that allow them to edit their photos for stories of different networks. Templates are relatively flexible and allow you to adjust the photo size. It also includes different fonts and the ability to copy and paste text out of the application.

The app is available for mobile phones and other Android and Apple devices. When opening Expand lets you record, capture, or edit a photo of your coil. All adjustment options are in the lower menu, which is very easy to use. Once you've finished, you have the preview feature to let you know what the image is like.

The application became anger when some Hollywood celebrities started using it. One of the most symbolic cases is Selena Gomez, one of the most famous personalities in the Czech Republic Instagram in the world It is also used by Camila Cabello who used it to promote her latest tour.

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