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Apps removed from Google Play for Fraud – Apps – Technology

After the Buzzfeed News investigation was discovered, a total of 46 requests were withdrawn from the Android Google Play store, which found that these platforms violated privacy by exploiting the privileges granted to the user to collect and send user data to China.

The application belongs to the DO Global developer company, which has over 800 million active users per month on its platforms.

According to a media report, along with at least six DO Global apps, which together have more than 90 million downloads from the Google Play store fraudulently forced their activity to click on ads generate income without being noticed by the user. At least two of them contained code that could be used to participate in another form of advertising fraud.

Aviran Hazum, Cybersecurity's Analysis and Response Team Check Point, points out that fraud has occurred even when the application is not open, which can result in the phone's battery running out and data consumption.

The requests that were included include:Selfie Camera, an application to make and edit photos of selfies that have more than 50 million downloads and it was cataloged by Google as one of the UK's most popular new apps in 2017.

Other applications mentioned in the research are RAM Master (a memory optimization application), Smart Cooler (which controls the operation of applications that can generate overheating), a flashlight application called AIO Flashlight and free Wi-Fi cleaners. cache for Android Omni Cleaner and Total Cleaner.

ES File Explorer, one of the most popular file and application administrators on Android, has also been included.

So far, Google has not explicitly decided to remove these applications, a source knowing that the company will continue to investigate to remove other tools that violate its policies.

"We are actively investigating harmful behavior, and when we detect a violation, we take action, including removing the developer's ability to monetize their application with AdMob or post it on Play," a Google spokesman said.


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