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Still with the surprise he was known as the fifth prize winner of the Hispanic American short story, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Argentine writer Edgardo Cozarinsky (1939) He came to the microphone today at the Teatro Colón in Bogota on Thursday. I did not have a speech.

Then, when he mentioned the bohemian character of Buenos Aires, the nights that captivated him, he used a phrase typical of his culture: "The truth is, I did not have anything I wanted to tell you, so, like a good Argentine, I'm going to the guitar."

Cozarinsky has just received a certificate that makes him a good bag of $ 100,000 and the statue of artist Claudie Vallejo, for his book of stories In the last drink, we leave Consuelo Gaitán, director of the National Library of Colombia.

Referring to the name of the literary awards, Cozarinsky reminded that although his work was far from the influence of Garciamarca, He emphasized the importance of the Nobel Prize for Colombian literature in his early days as a journalist.

García Márquezová was very difficult during my youth: I was 20 years old, I started journalism and I felt very frustrated because I believed that what I did in journalism was not even important It was so well written, with such a great commission of narrative.That is so much in front of my masterpiece and I look at the litter, the story of one wreck has led me out of the stupid frustration that I felt in the first moments of my life, "the writer remembered with joy.

This year the jury was composed of writers Alberto Manguel (Argentina-Canada), Piedad Bonnett (Colombia), Diamela Eltit (Chile) and Élmer Mendoza (Mexico).

In his enrollment, the jury noted that Cozarinsky's book boasts a "great narrative profession, with deep roots in ancient literary tradition and remarkable intellectual solidity." His themes include existential identity, age, and infidelity of memories. worlds in which protagonists show themselves as spirits or at least fantasmagoric. "Scenarios range from Argentinean geography to Eastern Europe and Asia, rooted in the imagination of Cozarinsky."

So long before the masterpiece and the look at "La hojarasca", "The story of the wrecked" brought me out of the stupid frustration I felt in the first moments of my life.

This award will undoubtedly reach the Argentinean author as a recognition of life dedicated to literature and film. His pen, with dexterity, bothered both the story, the novel, the essay, and the documentary.

Edgardo Cozarinsky is considered to be the prominent intellectual of his country. As he always said, he thinks his literary work begins with Urban Voodoo, a book on worship, presented by various publishers such as Susan Sontag, Guillermo Cabrera Infante and Ricardo Pliglia.

He is the author of essays such as "El pase del testigo", "Blues" or "Nuevo museo del chisme" and the novels "El rufián moldavo", "Maneuvers nocturnas" and his latest "Far from here".

Edgardo Cozarinsky

Cozarinsky won the award in Consuelo Gaitán, director of the National Library of Colombia, and writers Alberto Manguel and Piedad Bonnett, members of the jury.


Carlos Ortega / EL TIEMPO

Finalists with screenings

In the last beverage we are leaving, he won four more short stories: "There are days when we are gone", Andrés Mauricio Muñoz (Colombia); "Las tormentas", Santiago Craig (Argentinean); "No one is that strong", Pablo Colacrai (Argentina), and "Terriers", Constanza Gutiérrez (Chile).

Each of the finalists will receive $ 3000 worth of prizes, and their books will get to the National Network of Public Libraries in the country as well as the winning work.

Just finalists and some members of the jury talked about their books this week in several capital libraries.

During the speech Consuelo Gaitán, Director of the National Library, emphasized the essence of this award, the aim of which is to find the story of "Honorable Honor in Literature Writing in Spanish".

"It is known that storytelling is part of the oldest needs of a human being (…) Gabo has always been a lover of the story, remember that as a child one of the books that would lead him along the way of letters, an old copy of Thousand and One Night. Later, in the prologue of the Twelve Stories of Pilgrimage, it would encourage the power of poetry to redeem its mortal state to the anecdotes of everyday life.Garcia Márquez said that the story was shot at the center of the target.More than one.A short genre, perhaps no other, it is capable of intensity that illuminates the hearts of its characters with precision and beauty It is also a genre that excites the reader, immerses it in the depths which, because of their briefness, move less and returns them to reality, the awareness that something has just been shown to the powerful, "Gaitan recalled.

In previous releases, the prize was awarded in 2017 by Alejandro Morellon to El estado natural de las cosas; Colombian Luis Noriega, with reasons for his neighbors' mistrust, in 2016; Bolivian-Venezuelan Magela Baudoin with salt in 2015 and Argentinean Guillermo Martinez with repulsive happiness in 2014.


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