Charge your mobile phone in Transmillia with new solar panels [VIDEO]

In this pilot test, which began on November 13 and will last for 3 months, the sun umbrella is powered by a panel that provides 24 hours of energy independence and the ability to carry an average of 50 burdens per day, which would correspond to 1500 monthly charges.

As far as this solar panel is concerned, TransMilenio María Consuelo Araujo, managing director, said: "We are working to improve our system users' experience and with this kind of initiative, such as mobile charging points or free wifi access to stations, we want people to optimize waiting times, and we also seek to promote the use of renewable energy sources and raise awareness of reducing the environmental footprint of the city. "

Johanna Uribe, a system user, said that "I think the project is very good because it contributes to the environment and the parasol is becoming a meeting place for people. It is also very practical because it spoils one when it comes out with a downloaded mobile phone "It seems great to be able to give these types of umbrellas at all stops."

What are the benefits?

On average, every 20 minutes of charging prevents the emission of 1.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in an approximate reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 6,750 kilograms over the three-month test period. pilot

How do you access the sun visor?

To recharge mobile devices, the user must wear a phone or tablet cable and connect it to one of the four USB charging ports on the sun visor. The device can also be used at night because it has a battery that keeps the energy captured by the solar panel during the day and includes LED light bulbs for user convenience.

This initiative is part of a series of actions that seek to enhance the experience of station users by offering innovative services and promoting the transition to environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure.

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