DIM and Tolima to ratify their quota on the Águila League semifinals

November 17, 2018 – 10:03 am

Writing El País

From the good matches that will take place on Saturday, the first two semifinalists of the 2nd semester of the Águila League will come out.

Although it seems that everything is defined (Medellin and Tolima have a very good advantage over Bucaramanga and Santa Fe), but nothing is written in football so the matches that will be played at Alfonso López and Murillo Toro will be so attractive and exciting.

In the first hour (6:00 in the afternoon), Bucaramanga will focus on 3-0, which Medellin gave to Atanasio Girardot. After (8pm in the evening), Santa Fe will go to Ibague for performance: reversing 2-1 that Tolima took from Campina in the first leg.

El País will also tell you about the details of these two crucial commitments.

Medellin to confirm the ticket in Bucaramanga

Independiente Medellín, led by Ecuador by Octavio Zambran, will visit Atletico Bucaramanga with a wide difference of three goals after winning 3-0 in the first leg.

The main concern about the red club for the match is that the striker Juan Fernando Caicedo, the shotgun of one of the three goals of the first leg, has a central sprawl due to femoral origin.

The Zambrano ensemble also secured its classification on Copa Libertadores in 2019 with its triumph and the fall of Once Caldas against Rionegro, because in the cumulative score of the year it was unattainable for its rivals.

Because of this great moment, DIM will confidently confront this match in which it will reach the semifinals and even lose the difference of two goals.

Bucaramanga sticks to his good game and his strength as a local, trying to reverse the difference that looks quite bulky.

Team Leopardo & # 39; he will have to go to the court with everything to win a four goals that will allow him to move directly into the semi-finals, or else win by three gates to force force the definition of penalty kicks.

"Búcaros" sticks to the story of his star midfielder, Sherman Cardenas and John Perez, creating a danger for Medellin, who has a tremendous boost in improving keys and fighting the championship.

It will be a duel in which visitors will have keys you do not trust.

Tolima, a favorite against Santa Fe, who has hope

At the Estadio Manuel Murillo Toro tournament, Deportes Tolima has everything to advance and continue to dream of a new title.

Those who run Alberto Gamero will host Santa Fe to return to the quarterfinals of the championship with an important advantage of 2-1 won last Wednesday in Bogota.

With the draw "Pijaos" gets into the semi-finals of the tournament, in which the ham shows a great level.

"I was very happy with the victory in the first leg, because we played better than playing nice. The key, yes, is still open in the fight on Saturday," said Tolima strategic strategist.

Ibague also has an important paycheck that highlights the name of goalie Marco Pérez.

On the other hand, Independiente Santa Fe comes into play with the belief that he will have to put all the meat into the climb to be overcome.
Uruguayan coach Guillermo Sanguinetti has confidence in his team despite losing his first home game.

"I understand we had to fight in the local conditions, we were hot on the defeat, but now we have to think about what's coming, because I think we can reverse the series," said the cardinal strategist.

For this match, Bogotá will lose the goalkeeper Robinson Zapata and the striker Carmelo Valencia.

For this reason Miguel Solis, the third goalie of the team, will be the goal tonight.

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