Disney +, a platform with which to study to compete with the popular Netflix streaming service

"We have fought with Amazon for over 10 years, so we're used to a strong and healthy dispute."

This was said by BBC Netflix director Reed Hastings when he spoke of the launch streaming Disney series and movies next year.

"It makes us better", showed,

It is expected that a service called Disney +, which was called as "Mata Netflix", assume challenging competition for established platforms.

Hastings admitted that Disney, which had record results last week, is an "impressive" firm.

Disney announced it has achieved record annual results this year with nearly $ 12.6 billion in revenue and revenue of $ 59.4 billion.

"He has a lot of content like Star Wars and Marvel, he'll be a great competitor"he said. "And that will make us do the best of our lives."


Netflix, which already has more than 130 million paid subscribers in more than 190 countries, is also campaigning for more customers and increasing its presence in Asia with the launch of the next 17 programs that have taken place exclusively in the region.

End of 2019

Disney + it will be a family place to present mix of new shows and movies from the company catalogand.

The launch is scheduled for the end of 2019, the company said.

He said Robert Iger, Executive Director of Disney, an investment study on the Internet has not yet been profitable, but said he was satisfied with the results so far, especially with ESPN +, which now has more than 1 million subscribers.

"The initial growth trajectory of ESPN + is very encouraging and we believe it is well in line with our global strategy (…)," he said.


Disney announced in August 2017 that would download all of his Netflix movies in 2019 and will begin its own transmission offer for its previous titles.

The company also bought the studio 21st Century Fox, including a television division and international property, with the aim of partially expanding the catalog of films and television programs for its digital site.

Iger said Disney hopes to conclude a deal that will give him a stake control in Hulu until June 2019.

This would help Disney create a powerful TV studio that will deliver programs for its digital products "directly to consumers," he said.

Iger said he also expects Hulu and Disney + to be available internationally.

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